Your Empowered Self – 2 week webinar

Your Empowered Self imageFor most of our lives we have been trained away from being the powerful beings that we truly are. As children, in the process of socializing us to fit into our world, we are taught to meet the needs of others and conform. Then we move into the school system where we must again conform to the strictly narrow education program instead of being free thinkers or active, vibrant children. We then move into the work place where we must meet the needs of our employer, work with people who may not resonate with who we are and, most often, keep our creative ideas to ourselves.

This conditioning becomes so strong that we walk through life like zombies in a sense, often feeling the urge for change but not believing we are empowered enough to turn our lives around. We allow the limiting thinking that has been programmed into our brain to convince us that there's no sense wishing for more - this is the way it has to be - there's no other way. We become numb to the apparent reality of our lives and give up.

This webinar is an opportunity to wake up to your potential for change. There is another way. You, as a human being, are a powerful creator. You have an amazing mind and natural abilities that most likely have never been recognized. The problem is that, most likely, no one has ever given you the vision of what life could be in all its splendor. Has anyone ever sat you down and invited you to create the life of your dreams? Have you ever connected in with your soul to see the highest vision of what it came here for? For most people the answer will be no. And that vision is required so we know what to strive toward. That vision also helps us recognize what is possible instead of being lost in what is.

This webinar is designed to lead you to that vision that your soul carries for you. It is time for us to awaken to all that we are and live the best life that we can create. It is time to awaken our latent potential and live happy, creative, fulfilling lives. It's time to get off the tread mill of the mundane and step into the excitement of knowing without a doubt that you are living your life purpose.

I have created this in my life and through my own journey of many years of healing and clearing I am recognizing the need for empowerment as individuals so we have the drive and the vision to not only go for our dreams but to do so without limitation in the creation of our dreams. This webinar is designed to help us all get there.  

What you will receive from this webinar:

    • We will explore where the limitations come from so we can recognize them and make conscious choices to respond differently when they arise again.
    • We will clear the limitations you find within yourself so that you are much freer in your journey forward.
    • We will go into your own internal guidance to discover what your soul envisions for you living your greatest potential.
    • We will learn valuable tools to empower the vision - override the limiting mind - and create permanent thoughts of success.

We will learn about life's most powerful trickster that tries to hold us back and how to outwit it.

Come share the experience of your expansion and discover what it feels like to be fully empowered, holding a strong vision of your future and go for it free of any restriction.

This webinar includes powerful Freedom Release Technique clearings which cost more than twice as much as this webinar.

Two webinar times are provided to accommodate different time zones. Choose between 3:00 - 5:00 pm MST, Canada or 6:00 - 8:00 MST, Canada. Once you register I will contact you for your preferred time zone.

Your investment is $80.00 for two sessions of two hours each. Dates are Feb. 17th and 24th, 2016.

This webinar is in Canadian funds. Register now to claim your seat.



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