Why is FreedomRT so Effective?

LOGO-Freedom-RT3That question can only be answered by knowing the depth of the effects of our beliefs on our every day life experience.  The truth is, every physical and every emotional pain is showing us a limiting subconscious belief. Our bodies are our teachers. The thing is, we have to be willing to learn in order to gain the wisdom that is being revealed to us. Once we understand this, we begin to ask what the emotional or physical pain is trying to show us. Then we are on the road to deep healing. It is from this deep healing that we can turn our lives around into what we wish and hope for.

Until we are willing to see that our life situation is showing us our beliefs, we are helpless to make changes. We may try a new tactic - a new approach - but, ultimately, the outcome is always the same. We may be dating a new person but it is still someone who is unavailable, for example. If we have the belief that we don't deserve committed love, that is what we will attract. Our conscious mind thinks it wants to be in relationship, but the subconscious is saying we don't deserve that love, so we create situations that prove the subconscious belief.

I have seen the effects of this dramatically in my own life, once I started doing clearing work. It's amazing because the very next day after a clearing I would see the thing that I used to push away, drop out of the sky and show up in my life. My favourite example is the belief of not being supported in the world. Once I cleared that one, people just started asking how they could help me. And that started happening the very day after doing the clearing! Another belief was that I am different than everyone else. I used to believe that the result of being different meant I was rejected because people didn't understand me. The truth is I do think quite differently than most people but I was still able to do clearing around it. In my clearing I set it up so that being different didn't mean being rejected. I cleared and restored the belief so that I was accepted despite my differences. After that clearing I felt like my mother fully accepted me for the first time in my life. The truth is, she was just showing my belief. Here's what you need to really understand. Every life situation has to show us our beliefs. In other words, my mother had to show me not fully accepting me because my belief was that I am rejected for being different.

I know it can be hard to fully comprehend the depth of this until you have experienced it. It took me years to understand the whole mirroring concept. It is so worth the journey because my life has transformed because of it. I am at peace in my mind. Very, very seldom do I run yesterday's conversation through my mind or wonder what people thought of me. I actually welcome challenges because they show me another limiting subconscious belief that I can clear and be even more content.

So, to relate this to the Freedom Release Technique, its effectiveness is in its ability to not only clear your limiting beliefs, but a FreedomRT Practitioner can find the core of that belief and then clear it. It's like going to the very source so that you are not just peeling the outside layers of the onion. You're digging deep into the core. Then the belief is replaced with something beneficial. This creates a new vision for your life and opens up new possibilities. Just like my personal examples, life shows up differently when what we believe is different. FreedomRT changes the limiting beliefs into empowered beliefs and the results are deeply transforming.

If you would like a FreedomRT session with myself or any of the trained Practitioners, visit www.freedomreleasetechnique.com or my FreedomRT page on this site.  To learn more about the impact of limiting beliefs on our lives, you can also read You Get What You Believe, which can be purchased through this site or on Amazon. It has been described as life transforming.

More than ever before, we are creating with our beliefs. The more you know and understand the impact of your beliefs, the more beautiful your life will become.

Wishing you the greatest joy and happiness,


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