Weekly Uplifting

street sign possibleTo register or watch the latest Uplifting videos, scroll down ...As a channel and a scribe for The Council of Nine I have been asked to start a weekly gathering of willing souls to support the earth at this time due to the imbalance of energies surfacing on the earth at this time.  A few loving souls can bring harmonic resonance to the earth so that she does not have to slough off the energies in a more 'physical' manner.  

The Council have asked me to host these gatherings, to be held during the day one week and on an evening the following week, to support the various time zones that people may want to join from. They have guided me to start with a channeling from them and then we will move into a guided meditation, led by The Council of Nine, to support the earth with our intention and our love.   I will plan for one hour with these gatherings although they may not take that long.  

If you feel that you would like to offer your heart and love to support the planet at this time, then please register using the form below to be part of this 'uplifting' experience. Once registered, you will receive an email with details of how to connect at the scheduled time.  The intent is to bring more loving energy to the earth. Through our pure intent, we will raise the vibration of the planet, supporting the vision of the joy that we all deserve to be living in.    

This is a free event and your attendance is greatly appreciated. My gratitude goes to all who gather for your love and support to the earth and all of humanity.   Together we can change the world.

You can still add your energy to the Uplifting by watching the video and following the Guided Meditation: April 29, 2015 recording is here. April 22nd - Earth Day - recording here.  Here is the recording for March 25, 2015   You can join live or join the recording for March 11, 2015 here.  You can forward to 4:30 minutes to get to the start of the Uplifting..

Your love and support for all of humanity offered during these gatherings is greatly appreciated.  Together we can create the world of our dreams.  Enter in love ~ Rashana

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  1. Louise d'Entremont

    please register me to the Weekly Uplifting with the Council of Nine
    Louise d’Entremont
    [email protected]


  2. A great idea, looking forward to it!
    Is there a typo in the times? It shows the first as AST, the second as ADT…
    Should they be the other way around?

  3. Great idea Rashanna! I am in only evenings work for me 7 Atlantic time. Is that eastern standard time as well? I was just told today that I need to send my heart blessings out to all so here is a perfect opportunity!! Pamela

  4. Elizabeth Word

    I would like to contribute my energy to this effort. Thank you for the opportunity. An email notification would be helpful.

  5. Carole

    Please register me for the Weekly Uplifting with the Council of Nine. I am looking forward to participating in such an event and offering love to Mother Earth. Thank you for the opportunity.


  6. Deborah

    Hello, Rashana – please add me to the list for the Weekly Uplifting with the Council of Nine. Bless you for this loving gift to the world. Om Shanti.

    • Rashana

      Hello Deborah, Are you receiving the Weekly Uplifting invitations? If not, you can sign up on the Weekly Uplifting post page.

      Bright blessings,

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