Weekly Channeling with the Council of Nine

Weekly ChannelingHave your personal time with the Council of Nine.  Once a week I will host a gathering on Google Hangout and channel the Council of Nine.  To ensure personal time for your questions, space is limited 9 people each week.  Think of it like an online Abraham event - only different.

This 90 minute gathering will start with an overall message from the Council of 9 and then I will use the remainder of the time to answer personal questions and concerns for everyone registered. As you may well know, when people gather in events such as this, each person benefits from the answers of the others as there are no accidents in who is brought together. I have learned this in my healing work. Each person who comes before me is also showing me something within myself. This is the perfection - as I support another in their healing journey I am also supporting myself. The same is true for these group channeling sessions. We all benefit from the answers whether they come directly through us or not.

I was asked by the Council of Nine in 2012 to be their scribe which led to the book The Spiritual Seeker's Guide to Happiness, and I have been working with them regularly ever since. I was told that they have been with me since I was 3 years old. Their messages are  infused with so much love that many are deeply moved with what comes through. My first group channeling session bringing through the C of 9 came unexpectedly when I was invited to speak and share a channeled message at the end of my talk. Then one of the people who had invited me asked if I could answer questions for people at the gathering. It was a beautiful experience, with the energy flowing in great love as each person was touched with the blessing that came through. Now I am happy to be bringing this work to a larger community through the internet.

Registration is $33 for the 90 minute Hangout. The video will not be made public although I may take portions of the recording to share on YouTube. However, your personal message will not be shared without your permission and the recording will not be available publicly. Session times are every Monday at 9:00 pm Atlantic Daylight Savings Time, Canada. If you live in another time zone that does not allow you to be on the event at this time, please let me know and, with enough interest, another time could be set for a second event to meet your time zone.

Please register below for the next Monday event. If the event is full, you will be put on the list for the following Monday or reimbursed if you cannot make that event. Come with your questions or concerns that you are seeking guidance for from the Council of Nine.

Once your payment goes through I will email you the link for the Hangout. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

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