Tree Wisdom – Improving Your Financial Situation

For people who struggle financially, what can they do to improve their financial situation?

Tree Wisdom - How to Improve Your Financial SituationPeople who struggle financially have lost their purpose in life. They think life is all about what they can gain materially or what they don’t have materially but that is not it. Life is to see what shows up – fully love it and accept it and then whatever it was leaves and something else shows up. Each time the person is moving to a new level of awareness.

Humans today do not look at their current life with awareness. Instead they are always searching for more. It is the searching that creates the lack. It is a great irony. One believes one does not have and searches for more and the searching creates more not having.

It is only those who are willing to hear this message and really accept its truth enough to start living in the moment who will change their lot in life. It is not easy. Humans must adjust to a new way of being in the world and we would say that new way of being is to be more like a tree. We stand and witness. That is it!

Try to imagine living your life this way. It is difficult for you are afraid of what you will see. You are also afraid your life will be empty. In truth it will be fuller because you will be present for what does show up. When you are searching you don’t slow down long enough to realize that life is trying to offer you what you are searching for.

Try an experiment. For one week do not search for anything. Do not ‘want’ anything for one week and see what happens. You may find that by not searching you create space for things to come to you. Just be content with what is. Every time your mind wanders into wanting turn it around and find something to be happy about in the moment – a friend, a place to live, legs that move – something to keep you in the place of not wanting. Then your life will change for the better. Even if you take no action toward anything for a week, life wants to bring you abundance. This would be my advice for creating money in one’s life.

Conversations with a TreeRashana's ability to receive the teachings from the trees came from a unique connection with a tall hemlock that calls herself Henrietta. That led to the book Conversations with a Tree that is full of messages from the trees. Their wisdom is guiding us back to joy and grace through self love and a more conscious connection with nature. We can create a world where we care about each other and the earth once again. The simple yet profound guidance from the trees will lead us there if we truly listen.

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