The Sedona Method – a Way to Release Unwanted Emotions Successfully?

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If you are struggling with life and find that things never go your way, you might want to learn The Sedona Method. Healing comes in many forms. Usually when you think of healing, the first thought that comes to mind is healing the body. But emotional health is also an important factor in your overall health.

What Is the Sedona Method?

The Sedona Method is a technique for releasing emotions that keep you feeling depressed, stressed or frustrated with life. When emotions are suppressed they can sabotage your health. This impacts not only your emotional and mental health but unexpressed emotions also affect your physical health. That is why it is so beneficial to find a way to release those suppressed emotions. When you do, everything about your life begins to improve.

The Sedona Method was created by Hale Dwoskin who studied under a man named Lester Levenson. Levenson was a pioneer in this work. He was one of the first to discover the connection between our emotions and overall health. From that work, Dwoskin created his own method of releasing emotions that is easy to learn and effective.

How Does It Work?

The premise of The Sedona Method is that, by acknowledging what you are truly feeling, you are releasing those feelings instead of having them repeat over and over in your life. Most people cope with unwanted emotions by putting on a brave face and marching through them. What they are really doing in that case is suppressing them. Science has proven that suppressed emotions lead to stress, physical illness, depression and much more. It's not a healthy emotional management system!

The Sedona Method was developed so that emotions can be released, on the spot, as soon as they are recognized. You let go of unwanted feelings by moving through a few specific steps. First you identify the fear or feeling that has come up for you. You feel it and take it into your heart. Then you ask yourself three questions:

1) Could I let this feeling go?
2) Could I allow this feeling to be here?
3) Could I welcome this feeling?

By asking yourself these questions you are identifying your connection with the feeling.

Sometimes you may say that you don't want to have an unpleasant feeling but, when it comes right down to it, you want to hang onto it. Sometimes, holding on to your feelings gives a sense of importance to what you are going through. You may hold onto resentment thinking that somehow it is proving that you are right. In truth, it is keeping you from your joy and hurting you more than the person you are resentful about.

With the first question, even if you say no to letting it go you now have more awareness about your relationship to the feeling. The next question about allowing the feeling brings the awareness deeper. Instead of running from the feeling, if you allow it, you are already in the process of releasing it. By being honest with yourself about what you are feeling, the feeling or emotion is no longer suppressed. You have brought it to the light, so to speak. From there it is much easier to let go of.

The final question asks if you could welcome the feeling. Again, this question is taking your relationship with the emotion even deeper. If you can welcome it then you are OK with it. When you finally look at the feeling and accept that it is there, the act of witnessing then allows it to fade. Maybe you are even willing to see the benefit of the emotion.

The Benefits of this Method

The Sedona Method ReviewOne of the great benefits of The Sedona Method is that it is easy to do and can be done anywhere, at any time. Every time you identify a fear you can use this method to let it go. You simply have to ask the questions and release it. And it is proven effective by a Harvard Medical School study along with many testimonials from thousands of people around the world singing its praises.

People credit The Sedona Method for changing their lives. It is endorsed by influential authors and speakers such as Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and several authors and speakers from the movie The Secret.

As a healer myself I can speak to the effectiveness of techniques such as The Sedona Method in improving your life. When feelings are suppressed you respond to the world from those feelings without even knowing it. I'm sure most people have experienced times when you lose your cool or become angry at some small thing. In reality it wasn't that one small thing that made you so angry, it was all the unexpressed feelings leading up that moment that put you over the top.

When you continually release unhealthy feelings such as anger, resentment or jealousy, you are not going to have the physical effects of stuffing your emotions inside or have angry outbursts that can cause embarrassment or leave you feeling guilty about what just blurted out of your mouth.

The Sedona Method also offers training tools on their website that allow you to go deeper with the work. You have access to an online forum with some purchases so that you can join a community of people on the same healing journey for support.

Are There Any Drawbacks To This?

The only drawback to this method is that it only releases the surface feeling and not the underlying belief that the feeling stems from. In my own personal healing journey I have discovered the importance of getting to the underlying belief that the feeling is surfacing from. Until the subconscious belief is cleared, the same emotion will appear again and again. Once the deep held belief is cleared then your life will change dramatically.

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This Method Can Be Enhanced By The Freedom Release Technique

For people who want to do deep releasing work, I have developed The Freedom Release Technique. It differs from The Sedona Method in several ways. First, it must be done with a practitioner who is able to 'see' into your subconscious to find the core belief that is causing the unwanted feelings and emotions. The practitioner can identify the life situation that initially created the belief and clear it. This way, the same belief does not keep resurfacing and the clearing happens on a very deep level.

People experiencing The Release Technique sometimes feel tired afterward because so much releasing has happened in the body. That is the great benefit of the technique. It works on the subconscious level where all of your feelings stem from. Some people report feeling the effects of the release for days after their session. It is a powerful method of release for those who are ready.

After the release, the practitioner goes through a step to restore the subconscious memory back to the original nature of who you were before the life experience that created the fear or limiting belief in the first place. This helps you to respond to the world from a place of openheartedness after the release happens.

Once limiting beliefs and fears are released it is important to allow yourself to respond to the world from the person you are without that feeling or fear instead of falling back into the usual behavior patterns. If you want your life to change, you have to be willing to change. The restore aspect of The Freedom Release Technique helps you to do just that.

Whether you choose The Sedona Method that has been helping people for 35 years or try the newer, more in depth Freedom Release Technique, I would highly recommend looking after your emotions and feelings like you would care for your physical body. If you have a cold you want to release all the symptoms and get better. Unwanted emotions are the same. Holding onto them really does affect your health, so let go and watch your life get better and better.

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