The Release Technique Larry Crane Reviewed

The Release Technique

Years ago the only way to release painful feelings and emotions was through counseling or psychotherapy. It is now scientifically proven that suppressed emotions have a negative impact on your health, in many ways. Stress, high blood pressure, depression all can result from unexpressed feelings. Fortunately there are more effective methods emerging to work through these suppressed feelings that bring instant results.

Introduction To The Release Technique

One of these is The Release Technique. Originally created by Lester Levenson in 1952, it is now mostly associated with Larry Crane who has done a lot to promote the technique. Levenson was certainly a pioneer in this line of work! Luckily for us, Crane is keeping it alive and making it accessible and easy to learn.

To use The Release Technique, you are instructed to think of the frustration or fear that is coming up for you and rate it on a scale of one to ten, ten being the most frustrated.

Once you have rated the feeling you simply say yes to it many times. This is working from the understanding that accepting what the feeling is instead of suppressing it brings relief. This is key to releasing our emotions.

As long as we are running from our true feelings they will keep chasing us. It is only after stopping, turning around and taking a good look at what the feeling is that it can begin to fade. It is like a little child that wants to be seen. Once acknowledged she is happy to go and play again.

Say Yes To Your True Feelings

After saying yes and acknowledging the feeling many times you ask yourself again how intense the feeling is on a scale of one to ten. You continue to work in this way until the emotion is at an acceptable level for you. This sounds very simple but do not underestimate its effectiveness. Saying yes to the feeling is really admitting what you are feeling.

To give an example, let's assume you are frustrated with your partner for not picking up after himself. You would ask yourself what your rating of that feeling is on a scale of one to ten. Then you would simply say, "I am feeling so frustrated right now. Yes, I am feeling frustrated." After looking honestly at your feeling rate its level once again and see if it has come down.

Sometimes you will see signs that your body is releasing like sighing or yawning. Pay attention to these physical signs of the release. Depending on your awareness of your mental activity, the body can be a clearer sign of release for many people.

A Proven Way To Change Your Life

The Release Technique ReviewWith The Release Technique having been available for so long, Crane has worked with top researchers on the effects of using his Technique. The results revealed the activity of the brain showed more focus and increased motivation. He also claims The Release Technique lowers blood pressure and changes negative thinking among other benefits.

The Release Technique website is full of testimonials from well-known authors and leaders in the field of natural health. Many speak of how the Technique changed their lives and brought in more abundance and happiness.

Some criticize the program for the cost of their materials. The basics are certainly available to all. If you want to take it further it does cost but the rewards may well outweigh the costs. If it does what people claim it does, then you won't be disappointed. And their material does come with a money back guarantee.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

As a healer myself who does release work, the only drawback that I would note with The Release Technique is that it is working with emotions that are on the surface and not the deeply seated beliefs that the emotions are arising from. I have found in my work that it is much more effective to get to the core of the issue and release from there. When that happens, the same emotion will not surface again because the belief system that created it has been cleared.

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Taking The Release Work A Step Further

If you want to take the releasing work a step further, I have developed The Freedom Release Technique, or FRT. At this point FRT must be done with a practitioner because it requires skilled intuitive abilities to go into the subconscious and uncover the underlying belief. We all carry limiting beliefs that were mostly developed in childhood as a way of managing the world. As adults these beliefs keep us from experiencing the life that we desire.

One example of a limiting belief would be that you don't deserve to be rich. As long as you carry that core belief, it doesn't matter how hard you work or how much you make, you will create ways for your money to disappear because you don't believe you deserve it. Most people don't understand this very important connection between our core beliefs and our life experiences.

The practitioner can identify the life situation that initially created the belief and clear it. This way, the belief that has kept you from having money is released and you can start experiencing a whole new relationship with money. Suddenly opportunities will simply show up that lead you closer and closer to the prosperity that you have been waiting for.

The effects of The Freedom Release Technique sometimes are not felt until the following day because it works on a deep level. First it is felt in the physical body, often as feeling tired, and then it moves to the emotional level. Some people report feeling the effects of the release for days after their session. It is a powerful method of release for those who are ready.

Releasing And Restoring

The Freedom Release Technique has another aspect that takes your life even further out of what way and into the new you that is ready to receive all that you desire. After the release, the practitioner goes through a step to restore the subconscious memory back to the original nature of who you were before the life experience that created the fear or limiting belief in the first place. This helps you to respond to the world from a place of open heartedness after the release happens. The more you have released the beliefs that created resistance to receiving, the more life offers all the beauty that you have been hoping for.

FRT comes from the understanding that our subconscious is busy sabotaging our efforts to improve our lives without us even being aware of what is happening. Until you go to that level to uncover the limitations that are lurking there, your life will not change. And in order for your life to change, you have to be willing to change who you are. After all, if you have been struggling financially for many years, you will have to be a different person to allow abundance into your life.

Once limiting beliefs and fears are released it is important to allow yourself to become the person you are without those beliefs. It can be easy to fall back into old patterns or resist the new opportunities that are showing themselves to you. Be the change you want to see in the world. Let yourself become the part of you that never experienced hardship or pain. The final step in The Freedom Release Technique helps you to do that.

Whether you choose a simple, do-it-yourself method like The Release Technique or the more in depth Freedom Release Technique, it is important to begin releasing fearful thoughts and emotions. Be it anger, jealousy, resentment or self judgement, you will be healthier and happier once you let go of those feelings. Release, release, release and watch your joy and wealth continue to increase.

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