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Hi my name is Rashana and I am a channel for the Council of Nine, among other Beings, and I recently was asked in meditation, was asked by the Council of Nine, to bring forward messages for humanity at this time on the earth because we are at a time of great transformation and also at a time when we are manifesting very quickly from our thoughts and our beliefs.

And so it is important for us to really know the impact of our thoughts and where we are putting our focus on the creation of our reality. And so they have asked me to come and bring forward messages that will just bring more clarity of this for people - helping people to understand the importance of where we're putting our focus right now.

And so I'm sitting at this time to bring them through and see what they want to bring forward today. I also would like to let you know that I have written a book of 250 pages of channelings of The Council of Nine called The Spiritual Seeker's Guide to Happiness and I'll put a link below to my website where you can find access to my books - I have actually written three books now - and any other information that you would like to know about me and my work will be at the links below.

And so I'm just going to connect now, perhaps with some sound bringing them in, making sure I'm connected at this time and then I will start channeling The Council of Nine.

Begins with some toning …

Greetings Beloveds. Greetings from the Love and Light of the Creator. Greetings from the Great Central Sun as we come to you and we say these are magnificent times - beautiful times in this evolution of the earth, and beautiful times for those who have found their way and are walking in the integrity of having done their healing work and the integrity of knowing that each individual has the choice at this time to support the earth and humanity at this time in their transformation into the light - they have the choice to walk that with conscious awareness.

And yet there many who, because they do not carry the belief systems that allow this new awareness to come into their experience, are very troubled in these times. There are many who, because their thought systems do not embrace these belief systems, are having a very difficult time walking the planet. And so for those of you who are open to channeled messages - open to this work - open to your own connection with a Higher Source of Being - with the higher aspect of your own being - those of you who have this connection - can support others on their journey who are feeling very lost at this time.

It is not an area where you can force your beliefs on someone else, but by doing your own healing work, by walking in your own place of joyfulness and grace through these times, others will begin to wonder how it is that you can be in such grace, how it is that you can be walking in a place of peace and contentment when so many are troubled at these times. And so it is for all of you who have this awareness - who would be attracted to this message - to do your best to be in a place of peace and joy and love and responding from love - love of the self, for it is love of the self that then reflects out into the world. Every time you take an action to be more loving to yourself you are bringing more love into the world.

And so we see so many who would (sigh of release) call themselves Lightworkers, see themselves as the forerunners we could say in these times of transformation, and yet we see many of you who still have not done your healing work, who still are not being fully honest with yourselves about how your lives are turning out - not being honest about where things are troubling for you and so you're not coming about from a place of full self love. And so this is our message this day to you - to be truly loving the self.

And we would say that your outward experience of life is a reflection of what you are truly feeling about yourself. And so if you look at others and you see that they are in pain and you witness their hardship, even those who push your buttons so to speak, you can rise above what is happening in that and stay in a place of love and see them from a perspective of a soul who is wounded and in need of love, just like most humans walking this earth.

When you can have that higher perspective you know that you are truthfully coming from a place of love. But when you find yourself getting caught up in the emotions of the day and the emotions of your relationships, getting caught in the turmoil and the challenges that relationships are bringing to you, or the challenges of your life experience, perhaps around abundance, then you know that there is more need to be loving of the self, for, when you are fully loving the self, everything in the soul expression is that love.

Everything in your life experience shows the place of love. And when you get to that place of fully loving the self, even the challenges become something that you welcome because you know it is another opportunity to see a piece of yourself that is wanting to heal so that you can grow and expand beyond that.

And so, if you are in a place that is less than that, then please know that there is more work to be done, there is more inner reflection needed in order for you to understand what the belief systems are that are underlying your life experience, the unconscious beliefs that are keeping you from fully loving the self. And so we invite you to do that exploring, to get yourself to the place where you are truthfully at a place in your life that feels gracious and flowing and loving so that that is what you are bringing into the world.

And so it is a time when humans are being challenged in many ways to find that love and to stay in that place of love. And so, Dear Ones, as you find yourselves slipping out of that, or feeling challenged, be very kind and gentle to yourselves and take the time to find ways to explore what's happening - find ways to find the truth of the beliefs that are underlying your responses in the world so that you can clear them and change them and release them, so that you are getting deeper and deeper and closer and closer to that place of fully loving the self.

So this is our message to you this day, as the Lightworkers, as the ones who are showing the way, the more you do your work and find your place in the world, of responding from peace and joy and contentment, then the more you are shifting all of the earth by bringing that energy into the world. For energy is ever-shifting, ever-changing, ever-evolving, and every emotion you have is energy, so that you are impacting all of humanity with every emotion, every feeling that you have.

It is all going out there into the mass consciousness and those of you who are sensitive, you know what it is like to connect with the mass consciousness. So, the more that you are bringing love into that expression, imagine what it would be like to connect with the mass consciousness and feel nothing but love. How beautiful. And that is what you are moving toward, and that is what we are wanting to support you with is the time when you will be connecting with that and all you will feel is love. All fear will have disappeared and peace and contentment will be yours.

So this is what we are offering you this day. We are offering you the invitation to find your way into that - to search for that - to know that that is what you are looking for. It's possible for all of you, it's just a matter of finding your way and we will bring more clarity as the messages go forward and as Rashana continues to bring more messages through so that all may benefit and move through into this place, into this time that you are creating on this earth. It is vitally important that you come from the place of loving the self.

Do not ever feel that loving the self is selfish. It is self-fullness and loving from any other state is merely fooling the self into thinking that you are truly loving someone, but you can only love when you are full of love yourself and so that is where we would like you to begin, by being full of love yourself and then you can bring true, unconditional love into the world.

And so it is Beloveds that we offer you this message from our place of deep loving grace for all of humanity. We see what you are going through. We see the challenges. We know it is difficult at this time for so many of you and we are here to lovingly guide and support you through these times. And so it is Beloveds. Namaste.

So I want to say to you, in this process of doing the healing work and releasing the limiting beliefs that keep us from fully loving ourselves, many of those beliefs are deeply hidden. And so, again, I also have a book that will help you find ways to discover what those beliefs are and its vitally important at this time that you do so.

That's why I'm bringing these books forward, so that they are accessible to all. They're eBooks at this point but if you are interested in PDF you could email me and let me know and I would certainly be happy to sell you a PDF and they sell for the price of a cup of coffee so it's not like people can't use them to guide them and help them in these times to find that place of self love. So that's what they're about.

The Spiritual Seeker's Guide to Happiness is all about finding your way into that self love. And it's also energetically infused with the energies of The Council of Nine so as you're reading that book you're also taking in their energies which then also helps you get to that place that they're prompting us to get to - that place of self love and grace and creating a world that we desire and we can only do that when we're truly loving ourselves. So please check out the links below and I'm happy to share this message with you today and if you feel that others would benefit please share.

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  1. Ray Holland

    I’m interested in a pdf of the Council of Nine book.

    • Rashana

      My books are available on Amazon. The Spiritual Seeker’s Guide to Happiness by Rashana. Thank you for your interest.

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