The Benefit of Spiritual Readings

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I will never forget the first time I had a spiritual reading. The psychic didn't tell me that my marriage was about to end, she just provided space for me to start talking honestly. In that conversation I realized that my eight years of unhappiness was because of my marriage. I was in denial, determined that, unlike my own childhood, my children would grow up in a two parent home.

After that reading I realized the great benefit of meeting with someone who can see your life from another perspective. Spirit readings come from the higher aspect of who you are. They come from the soul you could say. Most of us don't have access to this level of being and therefore we aren't able to receive the great wisdom that is available from our higher self or oversoul.

My interest in connecting with the wisdom of my higher self started before that first spiritual reading. A couple of years prior to that I was reading a book entitled Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman. She suggested different meditations in preparation for channeling and then asked the reader to sit and record what came through.

Spiritual Readings

It felt kind of silly to be talking out loud to myself, hoping that I had connected with some higher source. It turns out, that I did connect but it took me years to accept it. I think I made it seem difficult when, for me at least, it was actually very easy.

We all have the ability to make this connection. Some people do it without even being aware of what they are doing. One level of this is intuition. Most of us have had moments when we knew we should have done one thing but did the other, only to regret it later. Damn when we don't listen to that intuition.

Another way to connect is to have pen and paper on hand and go into meditation. In your meditation you can imagine going to a place that you love, like the beach or a field or in the woods with a stream flowing by. Once there and in a relaxed state, ask your spirit guide or angel to come to you to give you a spiritual reading or message.

In the beginning the message may be just one word, or a feeling or even just a knowing. Everyone has their own way of receiving the information from their higher guidance. Just try to stay relaxed and don't question what comes through. The mind will try to discredit what you are receiving, so listen with your heart. The first thought that comes to you is usually the right one. Then the intellect kicks in and tries to dismiss it.

Be sure to write down what you receive so you can go back and read it later. Often it is a week or so after that you can see how accurate the message was and how it sounded different than the way you would normally express yourself. Once you start connecting for yourself you may be hooked like I was.

Years later I am now giving readings to others. It is a deep honour to connect with someone's soul and experience the deepest truth of who they are. The guidance that comes through is so loving and kind that many are moved to tears. The same happens when I connect for myself. Often I am moved emotionally as I feel the deep love that comes from the higher aspect of the soul.

After that first spiritual reading I knew that I would be going back for more. I felt like I had been guided by my soul and ending my marriage was the right thing to do. The spiritual guidance that I received that day not only turned my life around, it awakened within me the deep desire to connect in the same way. Whether you choose to go to someone else for a spiritual reading or you try the suggestions here, I invite you to give it a try. Great wisdom awaits!

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