My journey with Rashana was one of the most supported journeys I've ever been on. I always felt warm, content and full of trust no matter where they took us. I experienced session after session of a heaviness get lighter and lighter, as my energetic field lifted. I found out so much about my childhood and my past that was holding me back from my authentic self and she was able to help me release this baggage. She is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, inside and out and I would recommend her to anyone who has the courage to live their fullest life! When I look in the mirror now I love what I see smiling back at me, I'm so happy to look at myself now and love myself. Not because I've lost weight or changed on the outside, but something so intense has shifted inside of me! I can just tell this next chapter is going to be amazZing! I am forever thankful to you Rashana and you will always be one of the pivotal people along my journey!
Much Love and gratitude
Nicole Hall, Nova Scotia, Canada


For 30 years I have been working on my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being. I have used many different techniques and products. My work with Rashana over a couple months period, mostly one time/week, using Freedom Release Technique, sounding, and connecting with the Council of Nine has dramatically enhanced my life.

I don't know how the Freedom Release Technique works, but I trust the results. The Freedom Release Technique goes to the source of the issue. Rashana has gone into the deep recesses of my old pain and woundings to clear and restore me to a greater sense of the person I truly am. We worked on this life and past life issues.

Physically, pains that have been with me as long as I can remember have greatly decreased or disappeared. Emotionally, I have cleared out a lot of old heaviness and inability to move forward. I have a deeper sense of connection with myself and my guides. A deeper calm is available to me most times now.

Working with Rashana has been a collaborative effort. She has been very receptive to my intuitive knowledge and willing to explore along those lines. I so appreciate her intuitive ability to see things that have been hard for me to access and stay with due to the pain and habitual patterning. With deep gratitude for Rashana's assistance, I offer this information.

Thank you,
Elisabeth Webber

I woke this morning feeling so peaceful. I feel like I have been reborn! In reality, I have stepped into more of my Divinity. Thank you for the process, the Freedom Release Technique, that created the environment that made it safe and natural to do that. I have been so entrenched in the old energies of lack and limitation but there is no longer need to hold on to them. They are outworn and serve no further purpose.

I have experienced the growth they provided at the time and now they have been wiped from the slate. Holding onto them through my ego and trying to analyze why they happened was a lesson in futility. At Soul Level they were necessary to becoming who I am and now I can walk away from them all, bless those who were supporting actors in my life movie at that time, and go on to create my next, and best, life.

When I saw you yesterday I truly felt like I had come 'home'. The Freedom Release Technique did indeed bring me there. I have never experienced anything so 'powerfully gentle' and healing. Issues that had been a painful focus most of my life suddenly fell into place as gifts and blessings that provided the means for my Soul's growth.....it was really that simple from a Soul level. Continued Blessings as you move forward serving the world with Love.

In Love and Light,
Bev Doucette

I have experienced a session of FRT with Rashana and found it to be a wonderful way of releasement helping to bring you back into aligment with who you are, and opening you up to healing your heart! Rashana also did some channelling for me with the Council of Nine and that was such a freeing lovely experience filled with Love and Wisdom from the Masters.

With Appreciation,
Terry Colquhoun

I had a reading with you on Saturday. I am experiencing profound changes and I would like to thank you. Marlies Jackson

I just wanted to tell you yesterday I realized at some point that I didn’t feel the need to pick at my lip or even think about doing it. Then I remembered that you were doing that clearing for me on the FRT webinar. Thank you so much. I feel it healed without even knowing that it took place. Ernie Kent

This was my second time at one of your workshops. It always is a big energy release for myself and others. Again Thanks for being you. Vicki Larramore

Hi Rashana, thank you for the amazing workshop and I love the idea to offer it to couples I know my husband and I would benefit greatly as I did myself! When you started our workshop you said that when we leave we will be different and I really didn't think much about what that meant and now five days later I know that I am different, I feel different; calmer, lighter, in better spirits more like the real me so to say!!

So I thank you for that and I would love to do some more work with you and ask you questions so after I'm done more reading of your work with the counsel of nine and look at healing that you do and dates and costs I hope that you can assist me and my loved ones in our journey back to finding and being our authentic selves!!!! Take care and talk again soon. Angela Rawding Stevens

"Rashana's Meditation CD has an empowering and magical effect on me! Self healing and happiness becomes apparent the more I listen and use it. The CD is one of the best I've ever experienced and highly recommend it for anyone who wants to feel good." Sue Bell

You did a channeled reading for me back in November 2012. Just going back and listening to it now. What an accurate reading....so much insight...although I was self involved and worrying about the wrong things since this reading and didn't follow all advice my guides were right about everything but still never let me hit a complete rock bottom. Anyways thanks for being such a beautiful and loving and honest channel. Whitney Brooks

I am a workshop-aholic. In all honesty, Rashana's Discover Your Light workshop was the best I have ever attended. Her facilitation skills are flawless. The information she presented was insightful. The sounding and clearing were powerful. She could easily present at Omega and Esalen. Thank-you Rashana! Terry Choyce Bedford, NS

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your Love Speak channelings. Sometimes I just need to read them and continue with hoping and moving on. Cathie Panteluk

Dear Rashana,

Thank you very much for taking time to reply to my question.

While reading your reply I was so overwhelmed with emotions and I felt most grateful to have an opportunity to connect with you.
Words "thank you" doesn't feel enough to show how I feel at the moment.

I will treasure the reply you channelled for me.

My deepest gratitude to you, Rashana.

Love, laughter and hugs
Mayumi Endo

Thank you. You're an inspiration. I'm very grateful for all that you've gone through and learned and that you've become a wonderful healer and author and I look forward to seeing and learning from you again. Angela Rawding Stevens

Bless you and your guides, Rashana! This is so beautiful!!!! I have goosebumps on my goosebumps!! In western astrology I am a double water sign (Cancerian) and in Chinese, I am a water dragon. I have an affinity with water and hear it calling. This is such beautiful news that words cannot say how much it means to know that all will be well. I will certainly put the blessing in effect more than ever now!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Deborah Canivet

" Thank you so very much for blessing me last week at MBC school with what you do . You have changed my life . I have been so calm and positive like never before. I ended up getting 97 % on my test and 100% on my test today. This is a big deal to me as I had learning disabilities all the way through school. When is your next sound circle in this area going to be ?

Thanks again,

I first met Rashana as a guest speaker at Lazybrook Healing Centre. She spoke of the Sound Vibrational Healing, which at the time, I had never heard of before. She gave a brief introductory explanation and then a short sample of her "toning" or "sounding". Her voice and her sound was simply amazing. Her sound reminded me of a singing bowl actually, as she sounded more like an instrument than a human voice to me.

I was so intimidated by that, the thought of opening my mouth and making a sound was even more frightening than before. When she started the first exercise with the attendees, (who I believe, no one had any experience with this before), it was scary (for me at least). I was hoping no one could hear the sound coming out of my mouth. The amazing part was that you couldn't tell one voice from another really. What's more is that the accumulative sound was incredible!

The reaction from everyone at that meeting was astounding. I know what I felt (on the inside) and though I didn't say it out loud to anyone, it was a very real vibration that I could not dismiss. I wanted to meet again the next day it was so incredible. I sounded all the way home and thought being alone would be so much more fun now, as I am deteremined to keep my voice to myself.

I have since participated in a workshop and a sound circle and just feel it is the right thing to do, and yet it is so simple. No one needs any experience, or equipment. You have everything you need and it is so easy. I normally keep my "learning" and "fun stuff" to myself but found after first trying this sounding, that I wanted to tell everyone about it.

It truly was too amazing to keep from sharing. I think anyone who tries this will agree. There is nothing bad about it and the results are amazing!!

Audrey Stewart

I am just getting to the last few pages of your book....(sniffle, sniffle) (nudge,nudge - haha). I don't want it to end! I think your books and your work is amazing! … my point is that the music/sound healing and your books have helped give me back my steam. Audrey Stewart

I wanted to mention that this morning I felt so good.
I have had a headache on and off all week, and especially
on waking, but not today. The sound therapy really helped!

Thank you,

"You are truly in your own power center. Keep it up, you are really empowering others."

"The messages you channeled have given me brand new perspectives that I hadn't considered, and confirmation on other things that I was unsure about in my confusion. I was struck by the accuracy of the messages and how they resonated with my truth."

OH RASHANA, THIS IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL AND HEART-FELT RESPONSE. My heart is open and my eyes are filled with tears of joy. It is as if within this answer, you have given me an etheric healing and I deeply appreciate it and you. It is also an incredible validation of your gift of the Light speaking to and through your heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Jeanne Allen

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