Tapping in to the Wisdom of Trees

Sometimes life offers us little moments that make us shake our heads in wonder. I had one of those moments after moving to a small university town in rural Nova Scotia. My move was inspired by the desire to be closer to nature. Little did I know just how close I would get. Not long after my move I was walking on a local trail into the woods and found myself sitting at the base of a tall hemlock tree.

The tree was hard to miss as it was placed in the middle of the trail, with the path running on either side. The location is beautiful with a small pond on one side and a small brook feeding out of the pond running down the other side of the tree. It is the perfect place to sit and take in the surroundings. And it turns out, the perfect place for one of those ‘little moments’.

On my third or fourth visit I was sitting on one of the roots of the tree, taking in the scenery when I sensed the tree inviting me into conversation. I had the distinct feeling that the tree wanted me to buy a special journal to record its tree wisdom. Being open to messages from sources outside of myself it was not a big stretch for me to believe it was possible and so I opened my mind and allowed the wisdom of trees to flow through me.

Tree WisdomWhat followed was a beautiful friendship with a tree! Henrietta is the name she suggested as I gathered her teachings. The energy that I have felt from her has moved me to tears. I soon came to realize that the wisdom of trees is deep and profound.

Day after day I would visit Henrietta. I would derive great pleasure from the trail as I walked along and take in all the changes through the seasons. Henrietta would never disappoint with the messages she had to share. I came to learn that tree wisdom is so simple that it could easily be overlooked. However, if truly studied and implemented into one’s life it is transforming.

The trees want nothing more than for us to find our way back to love and joy. They see the trappings of humanity and all they can do is offer love to those who are open enough to feel it. I believe that is why Henrietta reached out to me. She knew that I would be open to listening and therefore providing an opportunity for us to understand, on a much deeper level, the wisdom of trees and all they can do for us.

I knew when I started receiving the messages from Henrietta and another tree I connected with named George, that I would be putting their teachings into a book. It is information that needs to be shared in hopes that it will inspire many people to understand that we can improve our lives and save the planet and it doesn’t have to be hard.

All we have to do is listen to the tree wisdom and put ourselves back in nature. It is there that we find our souls once again. Everyone feels better in nature and science is proving it.

Conversations with a Tree is an invitation back to the real world – the world of nature. The sooner we find our way back, the sooner we will feel whole again. We have removed ourselves so far from the natural world that we are lost in a vast emptiness not knowing where to find the fulfillment that we so desperately seek.

I have found the answer in a most unlikely source. Join me in the great adventure of receiving wisdom from trees. If you are willing, it will change your life.

Conversations with a Tree

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