Rashana Sound Essences

Rashana Sound Essences Gratitude

Sound Essences are unique to the healing world. They encourage a gentle change on a soul level, offering emotional strength, support, and stability in time of need. You may also use them to experience a higher connection to such qualities as gratitude and love. The essence 'I Am The Light' is a powerful means of connecting to one's higher self. Choose an essence that most suits your needs. They are like a warm wash of comfort. The essences should be taken one at a time, with the exception of ‘I Am the Light', which can be taken with any other essence, or by itself.

RASHANA Sound Essences are created through the infusion of sound into pure spring water. Through the work of many scientists, such as Dr. Emoto of Japan, we are now discovering the properties of sound and the ability of water to change it's molecular structure when influenced by sound and thought. This understanding led to the creation of Rashana Sound Essences. May they bring you the peace and joy you desire.

Spray the essence inside the mouth three times a day, 3 each time. As you see the qualities begin to appear in your life, continue with the essence until you feel a strong connection to the desired changes. The essence may be re-introduced from time to time to maintain the desired attribute. One bottle will last approximately 1 month...

We are starting to introduce the sound essences to the world, beginning with the Essence of Gratitude. Soon we will offer 10 different Rashana Sound Essences. Each one brings you it’s own distinct attributes

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