Release Technique Special Offers For Webinar Participants

Are you ready to join a world of abundance … contentment … happiness…. loving relationships …and a deep knowing that whatever challenges come your way are welcomed as an opportunity to find even more joy in your life?

Your subconscious beliefs are impacting every decision you make in your life. It is discreetly infesting your thinking and manipulates your actions away from success. No matter how many books you might read or how many affirmations you will repeat, nothing will change until you release your limiting beliefs.

Personal Release Technique Sessions With Rashana

Once you start releasing subconscious beliefs you become more and more aware of how your limiting beliefs are impacting your life. The more you reveal and release, the better your life becomes. You will start to see this as you continue to participate in The Release Technique sessions.

If you find that the webinar brought you to the understanding that you would like to do more releasing work, you can book personal sessions with Rashana.

Buy 2 Personal Sessions and Get 1 Free

Webinar participants receive a special discount for these sessions. You can choose from three packages:

1. Three half hour sessions for $60 which is a $30 savings.
2. Three 45 minute sessions for $90 which is a $45 savings.
3. Three one hour sessions for $120 which saves you $60.

Each package offers you the option to book three sessions and only pay for two! These prices may not last long as we are in the launching stages with The Release Technique. As demand increases, these prices will change.

Supercharge Your Personal Growth Now!

Every time you release a limiting belief hidden within your subconscious, you are removing another stone from the wall of protection that keeps you from living the life you so yearn for. Personal sessions give you the opportunity to do a lot of clearing. You may feel tired at the end of your session. Be sure to drink lots of water to allow the body to cleanse the emotions that are being released from your cells and neural pathways.

Limited Time Only
Contact Rashana at rashana88 @ (no spaces) to book your package

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