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10 Session Package Special - includes coaching and channelling from the Council of Nine.

For 30 years I have been working on my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being. I have used many different techniques and products. My work with Rashana over a couple months period, mostly one time/week, using Freedom Release Technique, sounding, and connecting with the Council of Nine has dramatically enhanced my life.

I don't know how the Freedom Release Technique works, but I trust the results.  Elisabeth Webber

When I saw you yesterday I truly felt like I had come 'home'. The Freedom Release Technique did indeed bring me there. I have never experienced anything so 'powerfully gentle' and healing. Issues that had been a painful focus most of my life suddenly fell into place as gifts and blessings that provided the means for my Soul's was really that simple from a Soul level. Continued Blessings as you move forward serving the world with Love.

In Love and Light,
Bev Doucette

This is powerful work and it is my greatest honour to be supporting others in seeing the positive changes in their lives that comes from the Freedom Release Technique.  

This package consists of 10 FreedomRT one hour sessions including coaching and channeling from the Council of Nine as needed. It is offered over a four month period, so that you can see the radical change that you are looking for. Register now.


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It is human nature to achieve 99% of a goal and then give up.  I can attest to this because I have seen myself do it many times.  This package is created to keep you engaged in your commitment to finally stepping away from the past and creating a richer life.

The reason this package is called Re-Create Your Life is because, when you uncover your limiting beliefs and and clear them, you are on your way to changing your life from hardship and frustration to creating just what you desire. Once you realize what your limiting beliefs are and you let them go, you then attract new things into your life because you know you deserve more.

Most people reading this would have heard of The Secret and how it tells us that we need to manage our thoughts.  The thing is, it's not until you have uncovered your sabotaging beliefs that your thoughts will change.  That is why this program is so beneficial.  It goes much deeper than changing your thinking or using affirmations to change your life. This work is based on the understanding that your thoughts arise based on your beliefs.  Change your 'I'm not good enough' beliefs and you start to see thoughts coming up like 'I deserve this and I'm going for it!'.  Once your thinking changes, based on different beliefs, so does your life!

This package also includes free coaching. During the weeks with no scheduled FreedomRT session you can request a 15 minute coaching session each week as needed AND you are supported with unlimited emails during the scheduled package period starting from day 1.

The value of this package with the 10 Freedom Release Technique sessions and the coaching is $2600.  I am offering it in this package for less than the FRT sessions alone.  For $1700 you will you will receive four months of clearing and coaching so that you can receive all the support you need as you transform out of your limiting beliefs and into your greatest life.

In my channeling work I am often told that our greatest service to the world is to ourselves.  It is when we are fully loving ourselves that we are putting that beautiful love out into the world.  That is why it brings me such pleasure to be guiding you to your greatest truth.

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Register now and I will email you within two days to begin the process of Re-creating Your Life from one of hardship to happiness. Together we will awaken your fullest potential so you can start living your dream life.


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