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 From Stressed to Blessed

~Your Success Manual~

 Table of Contents

 Introduction                                                                                4

Your Secret Saboteur                                                                 6

 Living from the Heart                                                               12

 Blessed Be                                                                                  15

 The Breath                                                                                 18

Essential Oils for Stress Management                                   21

 Flower Essences for Emotional Release                                26

 The Power of Sound                                                                 29

 Your True Nature                                                                      34

 Communicating with L.O.V.E.                                                  37

 Mandalas for the Mind                                                             40

 Guided Meditation                                                                    41

 The Freedom Release Technique                                           44

 The 5 Minute Daily Tune-up                                                    46


My name is Rashana and I am delighted to welcome you to this From Stressed to Blessed package.  It is a compilation of material that I have developed over a 20 year period in my own healing journey and my alternative therapy business.  In that journey I have been trained in a variety of modalities including being a Certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master.  I have also worked in the Family Services field and studied Human Services and Community Services.  This diverse background is culminated in this From Stressed to Success package, offering you a variety of tools and skills to manage the many stressful situations that present themselves in our fast-paced society.  I am delighted to be sharing them with you and encourage you to try them all in the upcoming weeks to see which ones best fit your lifestyle and desire for growth.

There are two kinds of stress that we face in our daily lives.  Most of us are only too familiar with distress and all of its negative effects on our happiness and well-being.  Eustress is the opposite of distress.  It stems from happy events in our lives like getting married or preparing for a big trip.  In this case, the event is a happy one but the excitement can feel stressful at times.  We have all heard of the cranky bride.  Even though it is a happy occasion the preparation can be stressful.

This program is developed to help you whether you are experiencing distress or eustress.  In each situation it is important to be kind to yourself and use the From Stressed to Blessed package whenever you are experiencing any level of stress.  Often it is when one needs these tools the most that one ignores them.  The more you practice using these tools and keep them in your daily awareness the more likely you are to use them when you need them the most.

We live in a world that is full of stress and if you have bought this package then I know you are feeling it.  More and more we are living busy lives in congested cities with unrealistic social expectations of what we should be able to accomplish in the run of a day.  We have become more technologically advanced as we have moved farther and farther from our connection to the earth and our nature as part of the animal species on this planet.  All of these things, I believe, play a role in the fact that stress, when considering its impact on illness, is the number one cause of death in America today.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, medical research has found that up to 90 percent of all illness and disease is stress-related.

Unlike the olden days when a hard day’s work meant plowing the garden and piling wood, today’s work world doesn’t offer the sense of satisfaction that comes from seeing your accomplishment at the end of the day.  We often leave the office at the end of the day with no physical evidence of our accomplishments and the nagging fact that the work load has hardly lightened. Sitting at a desk all day can actually be stressful in itself from the sore back, the electromagnetic field and the lack of movement that is natural for the body.

On top of this are societal expectations that dictate more pressure with a limited concept of beauty and one measurement of success – money!  This leaves the greatest percentage of the population who do not fit into those parameters with the added stress of lack of acceptance of oneself.

So here we are living hectic, busy lives, many struggling financially, wishing we could look different than we do and have more than we have.  What is lost is an appreciation for solitude and time spent doing nothing on a Sunday afternoon.  We have given up true connection with our fellow humans for pieces of metal at our ears.  We have given up leisurely family outings on a sunny afternoon for shopping and searching for something to make us happy.  And with all that we have given up, we have gained chronic levels of stress.

Because of the way we are living in today’s world, we need to give priority to stress management.  Otherwise it will take us out!  From Stressed to Blessed is a comprehensive and holistic approach to stress management.  It was designed to offer a variety of tools that are easy to use as well as expanding your understanding of the deeper foundations of stress in your life.  This stress package includes pioneering work about the impact of our beliefs on our lives and an innovative clearing method to release beliefs that keep worry and fear repeating in our lives.

With the inclusion of The Freedom Release Technique, sound clearings and the guided meditation, you have access to proven highly effective tools for transforming your life that are only available through this work.   I am delighted to share this package with you and gently guide you out of a stressful life into one that flows with ease and grace.  What I share with you comes from my own journey into wellness.  I have walked my talk and therefore know the effectiveness of what I offer here.  These tools have changed my life.  I live in a state of peace, contentment and deep gratitude for what is in my life and I wish the same for you.  Enjoy the transformation!

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