New Life Guided Meditation Series

New Life

Are you ready to create a new life full of joy and gratitude and self-love?

These states of being are the foundation of a happy life and now you can access them every day through the New Life Series of Guided Meditations.

According to the Council of Nine, because of my current level of Being, I am able to take you into higher frequencies of love through the meditations to an energetic resonance that is uplifting and transforming.

This series was inspired by the heart-felt testimonials I receive about my guided meditations.  The New Life Series calls upon the Council of Nine to enhance the experience with their loving presence and energetic transmission so that you have an even more powerful journey as you transform with ease and grace every time you listen.

Each Series consists of seven guided meditations that you can listen to week after week. It is recommended that you listen to one a day.  As you do, your subconscious fully experiences the visualization and feeling of the meditation, leading you closer and closer to incorporating the beautiful energy of the meditations into your conscious life.
The first in the series - 7 Days of Joy - will hopefully be available by November 21, 2014 - What a unique way to give the gift of joy to someone you love - maybe you!

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  1. Oh, can’t wait for your new meditations Rashanna. Great Christmas gifts. One for me as well! Your work with me transformed in a wonderful way so that I now am learning to live through my heart and ALL has changed. I do love myself now and the universe has recognized it! Thank you, I am so grateful for your work! Pamela

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