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Finding Love

Attracting Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance

Healing from Abuse

Opening the Heart

Connecting to Your Spirit Guides

Overcoming Depression

Overcoming Insecurity

Opening to Channel


Anger Management

Surviving Break-Up

Letting Go of a Relationship

Overcoming Social Anxiety

Overcoming Fear of Conflict

Overcoming Fear of Being Alone

Releasing Fear of Not Being Good Enough

Overcoming Fear of Flying

Releasing Fear of Public Speaking

Overcoming Fear of Commitment

Guided Meditations to Open Your Heart, Find Your Inner Self & Create Your Dreams

Guided Meditations to Open your Hear, Find you Inners Self and Create your Dreams

Do you have trouble relaxing and slowing down in this fast-paced world?  Do you find it takes a long time to turn your mind off at night?  There are many benefits to meditation.  However, in today’s world it can be hard to relax and quiet the mind.

Get Out of the Daily Rat Race, Improve Your Health, Unleash Your Potential and Much More

What if it was effortless to find that still place that you yearn for?  This CD was created to pull your mind out of the daily rat race and into the tranquility of your inner self.  You will find that Rashana’s soothing voice and loving tones will easily lead you away from the daily grind and into a journey of discovery.  The meditations will help you improve your health, unleash your potential, meet your inner guidance and move into greater self love.

Who Is Rashana?

Rashana is a Certified Hypnotherapist and trained in a variety of healing modalities including Reiki and sound therapy.  She holds diplomas in Human Services and Community Services.  She worked for many years in the Family Services field.  Her compassion in supporting others on their journey is now available to you.

This CD was created at the encouragement of Rashana’s Reiki students who found her voice to be very soothing.  The meditation journeys allow you to easily fall into deep relaxation without having to disengage the mind.  They take you into creative thought where you can envision your dreams, bringing them ever closer to reality.

Trouble Relaxing or Going to Sleep? Not Any More!

The CD can also be used when going to sleep.  You will find it is easier to relax and the subconscious mind will continue to benefit from the meditation after you fall asleep.  Children also find comfort in the sound of a quiet voice when going to sleep.  This CD is safe to use for children.  Learning to still the mind at a young age is a valuable tool in these stressful times.

Because the meditations guide you to create your own journey, your experience will change every time you listen.


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Clearing and Blessing your Home - Creating a Sanctuary for the Soul

Clearing and Blessing Your Home

Transform Your Home Into the Retreat You Deserve

When we come at the end of a hard day's work we want our home to feel like a place of retreat, where we can get away from it all and just relax.  If it is cluttered and dirty, you won't get that feeling of relaxation.  The same is true for the energy of your home.  Just like electricity is always running through the walls of your home, there is a hidden energy that permeates your home.  It comes from every thought, every word spoken and the essence of each person who comes into your home.

Clearing the Energies in Your Home is Very Important

Just like you clean your house from time to time, it is also important to clear the energy of your home.  Every time someone is sick, or there has been an argument, or even arriving home feeling stressed at the end of the day, the energy of your thoughts and feelings hangs around.  After a while it accumulates, like dust on the shelves.

In today's society we have lost our awareness of this.  In the native traditions home clearing and blessing was an important aspect of maintaining the home.  Aboriginal cultures also cleanse the body before ceremony by using sage and other herbs.  They have a clear understanding of the invisible world - what we would call energy.

Did you ever enter a room where you knew the two people there just had an argument even though they were trying to act like everything was cool?  You were reading the energy of the room.  There is an instinctive part of us that is aware of the unseen aspect of life around us but we have been taught to dismiss it or not trust it.

Use as Often as Needed

A home clearing and blessing can be used whenever you clean your home.  It is also very important to cleanse a new home or to use when you are preparing to welcome someone new into your home, like a new life partner or a new baby.  This CD takes you through a beautiful ceremony to prepare your home for someone new or to cleanse a new home.

The clearing and blessing song is a simple way to cleanse your home from time to time, just like your house cleaning.  It releases the dusty energies and fills your home with the blessings of love and grace.

One person used the CD after building her home.  She wrote to say that she could hear the walls creaking when she played the CD, like they were releasing all the energies of the labour of building a home.  Each person who worked on her home would have left their energetic imprint there.  By clearing and blessing her new home she was creating her own sanctuary, clear of the memories of the past so to speak.

Everything You Need to Get Started Now

This CD includes all the instructions you need to do a formal home clearing and blessing.  You can invite friends and make it a grand celebration or you can have a more quiet clearing with just family members present.  The Clearing Song and Blessing Song can be used on their own, without doing the complete clearing process.  They effectively release the old energy and replace it with blessings that leave your home feeling pristine again.


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