Loss of Relationship Journey

Feeling blueWhether you are in a relationship and know it needs to end, or you have recently experienced a relationship ending, it can be a challenging time.

Often we feel heart-broken, unlovable and afraid that we will never find love again.

Or we may decide to protect ourselves from being hurt again by putting up walls around our heart which means that we don't feel the pain, but then we don't feel the joy of life either.

This journey is to help you discover and understand where true love lies - within you.  We will look at what the loss means on a deeper level.  Why is it so painful?  What fears does it bring up?  What beliefs have been triggered?  Greater understanding leads to greater acceptance of what is happening.

We will also use my unique clearing method, The Freedom Release Technique, to allow you to really change the way you are experiencing the loss.  This alone has a value greater than the cost of the workshop.

If time permits, I will lead you in a guided meditation to go into your heart and find the love that lies deep within.

This Journey is based on one of my popular YouTube meditations.

JOIN US October 22nd from 7 - 9 pm Atlantic Standard Time.  For only $22 you will gain a whole new perspective on the relationship loss and receive FRT clearings.  Once I receive your payment I will send an email with details for this online Journey back to love.

I look forward to seeing you and sharing this Journey back to the self.

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