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Have you ever noticed when people come together in workshops that they all seem to have some connection? There is a synchronicity that happens in groups that benefits all.

From my years facilitating workshops I have learned that, when groups gather, a central theme evolves and each participant benefits from the clearing requests of the others in the group. What others bring for healing also has some seed within each person in attendance, including myself. This is the beauty of coming together as a group. Others show us what we may not have found on our own. The healing is magnified exponentially as the number of participants grows.

That is why I have created the Group FreedomRT Clearings ~ and it costs much less than a personal session with me.

Here's how it works:

  • You will have your specific concern cleared related to a weekly theme such as Abundance Blocks or Relationship Challenges
  • You will email your concern ahead of time, which I will then clear at the time of the recording.
  • Each session will be a one hour long video recording of the clearings. It will include several clearings from different people who have registered for the clearing session.
  • You will have permanent access to the video that includes your clearing so you can listen many times. I recommend doing this as you will clear deeper each time you listen.

By registering, you receive the benefit of having your energy included in the original recording as well as having your specific concern cleared while I connect to your Higher Self during the session.

NOTE:** Recordings will be sold on my site at a future date for purchase as generic clearings. Therefore I will only use first names when doing the individual clearings of registered participants. Your information will be completely anonymous.

~ To receive notification of the weekly clearing theme, please sign up for the Daily Love Notes. Notification will be included in the Monday Love Note.

It's affordable!

This is a great way to receive the benefit of the Freedom Release Technique clearings without the investment of $199 for a personal one hour session with me. Your investment for this clearing video is only $35 for a one hour recording which includes your personal clearing request.

Register now by clicking the link below and start creating the life you desire.

Once registered, you will receive an email from me confirming your registration and asking for your clearing request. Please make sure your request is related to the weekly theme. That is the power of the group clearings - a variety of requests around one theme so that we can go deep into the work and clear it on many levels.

Click the PayPal button for secure registration. Your link to the video will be emailed to you after the Group FreedomRT Clearing video session is complete.

Register here for this week's Group Freedom Release Technique Clearing:

Group Clearing
Group Clearing


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