From Stressed to Blessed

Package coverIf you feel like you need a vacation from life you're not alone.

Life is becoming more stressful than ever. The smaller the world gets, the more we add the stress of others to our own. Research shows that 90% of illness is connected to stress. I created this package so you can have a variety of tools that will not only calm you down in the heat of the moment, but will enhance every aspect of your life!

If you feel dis-empowered when it comes to managing the circumstances in your life, you are missing the key to managing stress. That key is knowing how to manage your reaction to life's circumstances.  It is your thoughts, feelings and reactions to the events in your life that trigger stress, not the events themselves.  

When you buy the Stressed to Blessed package you learn how to stay calm and healthy despite what is happening around you, and that's a blessed life!

The Stressed to Blessed package is brimming with holistic tools for stress management that have a positive impact on all areas of your life. Being healthy means being balanced in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your life. Owning this package gives you tools and information to enhance all four.

Stressed to Blessed includes a PDF of my book You Get What You Believe. One woman told me that the book changed her life so much that even her boss noticed the difference in her. She is sharing it with her sister and also seeing great changes in her. And that is just one item in this comprehensive package.

You'll learn:

  • How your thoughts impact your level of stress and how to change them.
  • The link between anxiety and the breath.
  • Simple tools to get you through rush hour traffic while enhancing your life at the same time.
  • How to use natural essences to stay calm and improve your health.
  • Surprising scientific evidence of the importance of nature in your life.
  • A Freedom Release Technique clearing to release some of your stress-inducing beliefs and much more. (This alone has a $50 value)

From Stressed to Blessed includes:

  • A 50 page manual packed full of information on a variety of effective methods to control stress.
  • An MP3 of the manual to listen to while driving or when convenient for you.
  • One of my very popular Guided Meditations to help you relax and move out of your busy mind.
  • A powerful clearing using The Freedom Release Technique to eliminate the beliefs that lead to stress in your life.
  • A sound healing audio using Tibetan Seed Syllables to release stress from your body.
  • A video to guide you through the 5-Minute Tune-Up that you can do any time to bring your body back into balance whenever you are feeling stressed.
  • And, as an added BONUS you will receive the PDF version of my book, You Get What You Believe which has received great reviews on

BUY NOW  for only $33 and STAY CALM

Click the Stressed to Blessed image below and transform your life now. 


Package cover

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  1. Rashanna, I went through the Stressed To Blessed package a few nights ago and that night I had a dream that released a lot of anger from over 25 years ago when I divorced. I am sure the meditation and sounding was very connected to the unusual dream. It was a good experience because that day I was so energized and up! thank you!!!!!

  2. Rashana

    That is so interesting Pamela. Thanks for sharing your experience. The sounding is very powerful work that I highly recommend :”)

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