FreedomRT Self-worth Clearing 15 min

sad womanHaving low self-esteem can be a painful way to live. Often it leads to constant self-criticism and judgement which then only spirals into even lower self-worth.

The best way to manage our limiting beliefs that impact how we feel about ourselves is to clear and release them. The Freedom Release Technique is a powerful method that I developed to remove your limiting beliefs and replace them with loving and kind thoughts so you feel good about yourself.

This work actually brings about change on a cellular level. Think of it as unplugging one program and replacing it with the newer version. The more you clear, the lighter you become and that means a happier and more joyous way of being in the world.

Listen to your Freedom Release Technique video many times. The more you use it the more you release and clear. And, this video ends with a beautiful restoring of placing loving thoughts into your subconscious. My body was vibrating with the energy that was coming through to restore your thought patterns to be self-loving, as if that was all that you ever knew for yourself.

When you release using FreedomRT you really can change and it's important to allow yourself to be the new person that no longer holds all the limiting beliefs that have held you back for so long. After listening to the clearing, pay attention to how you are showing up in the world and notice what is different. The more you recognize how you have changed, the more you allow the new you to shine brightly.

Enjoy this 15 minute clearing and restoring video as you release thoughts and beliefs of not being worthy in the world.

$22 mp4 download

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  1. April Tyson

    I am trying to purchase the Freedom RT for self worth but it is not letting me. Is there another way? I keep trying to click the buy now button but it does nothing. I would really like to get this. Thank you very much.

    • Rashana

      Sorry it’s not working for you April. My tech support person is no longer available My plan is to have a look at it this week.


  2. Crystal Arndt

    How do you down load it

    • Rashana

      Hello Crystal,

      My apologies. I had my site updated and am realizing that some of my links have been lost. I will look into getting it restored very soon.


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