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The Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT as it is commonly called, was founded by Gary Craig. It is one of several healing techniques that releases blocked emotions. I believe the reason that so many modalities are arising that release emotions from the body is the importance of moving through the healing process quickly instead of years of therapy that was required in the more traditional counseling therapy.

Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT - Tapping

What Is EFT?

EFT, also called Tapping, is a method of releasing identified feelings and emotions by touching certain points on the body, repeatedly tapping the point with your fingers. This method works on meridian lines where feelings and emotions become lodged in the body. Many people do not realize that emotions, when not expressed, can become stored in the body and essentially block the meridian lines. The meridian lines are what allows the life force to flow through the physical being. When it is blocked, then our health decreases.

The link between blocked emotions and health has been proved by science. It is well known that stress affects overall health. Stress is not like a virus or bacterial infection, it comes from emotions and feelings. This proves that there is a link between the body and the emotions regarding health. This impact affects mental, physical and emotional health.

How Does It Work?

Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT - Tapping ReviewTo practice EFT you identify what you are feeling at the time and rate it a scale of one to ten. This helps you recognize the intensity of the emotion and make a comparison after using the Technique. It also uses a statement when beginning the process of tapping. The initial statement is, "Even though I have (this feeling) I deeply and completely accept myself." It then continues with tapping points on the face, hand and upper chest, tapping with the fingers of one hand.

After going through all the points to be tapped, the feeling is rated again from one to ten. If it is still high then the process is repeated. By tapping the meridian points you are essentially allowing the emotion to be released and the life force can run freely once again. Each time you release, you are going to find that your emotions do not hold the same charge that they did before starting.

People using EFT can release feelings and emotions that have been impacting them for years. Each time you release, you are going deeper to the original event of what creates the feeling or emotion. An example would be feeling unwanted or unloved. Every time you have that experience of feeling that you would use EFT to tap it away. The next time you have the feeling you would release again. Each time you use EFT you will be going closer to the core event that caused you to have that feeling in the first place.

Once learned, Emotional Freedom Technique is easy to use. You may be choosy where you use it since you will be tapping several points on your face and hand. As long as you don't mind answering questions from curious onlookers, there is no limitation to when you can use it. Like most release techniques, it is best to use it every time something comes up that is an unpleasant feeling.

There are many people who are using Tapping and praising the effects. Some people that I know personally who have worked with an EFT practitioner found that it certainly helped them in the beginning of their healing process and then they felt it was time to switch to a different technique that could take them deeper.

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What's The Difference Between EFT And FRT

Like other release techniques, with EFT you have to identify the emotion yourself. As a practitioner of The Freedom Release Technique, I have found that people often become overwhelmed by feelings and can identify an overall feeling of anxiety but not narrow it down to a specific feeling that will get them closer to the core emotion.

In my experience, the sooner you can get to the core emotion or belief, the sooner you will be rid of the uncomfortable feeling once and for all. This is how The Freedom Release Technique, or FRT, differs from Tapping. As a FRT practitioner, I am able to intuitively check into your subconscious and uncover the cause of the feeling that you are experiencing. This allows the feeling to be released from the initial response that created the pattern that keeps repeating in your life. Instead of releasing the surface emotion, it is releasing the very foundation of the emotion. In this way, the release has a much deeper effect in the body and therefore in your life experience.

After a FRT session you will show up in life differently. This is because it has released the core, subconscious event that you held that kept you limited in your beliefs about yourself. Let's use the example of feeling unloved again. Instead of simply Tapping away the surface feeling that you have in the moment, FRT is going to the life event that first started you believing that you are not lovable. Be releasing at that point, you will no longer to respond to the world with the belief that you are unlovable. As soon as such a belief is released, changes start to happen.

An example of the change that is possible after a release with FRT is that you will suddenly find that you do feel lovable and therefore you will allow people into your life experience that want to love you. When you believe that you are not lovable, you unconsciously push people away. The irony is, with core beliefs, what we desire is what we reject. That is why FRT is so effective as a release technique. By releasing this core belief, life changes immediately if you will allow it.

Effective Release Of Limiting Beliefs At The Core

It is common for a Freedom Release Technique session to happen at such a deep level that it may be the next day before people feel the change. The day of the session many report feeling tired. This is because the releasing has happened in a very deep level in your body. The letting go is a form of healing and the body needs rest and feels weary when it is healing. The next day, and in some cases for many days following the session, the releasing will continue. The body and the psyche all has to shift and adjust to the new you ~ the you who no longer carries the limiting belief.

Whatever method of releasing you use, I highly recommend paying attention to your feelings and emotions. Be sure that you are not suppressing what wants to come to the surface to be released. The more you suppress and pretend you are not feeling, the more those feelings have to keep chasing you around. As soon as you face them and release them, you are lighter - literally. Unhealthy emotions are dense emotions. Joyful emotions are light and playful. Isn't that what we all yearn for? The more you release and let go, the more joyful your life becomes.

If you would like to experience The Freedom Release Technique, group sessions and personal sessions are both available on this site. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you, releasing all that no longer serves your highest good so that you can find that life of happiness that you so deserve.

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