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This ONLINE Journey consists of 2 major components - Find It and Free It and Believe It and Be It.  Each component is offered over two segments of two hours each.  Find It and Free It starts when the moon is waning, symbolizing the release of limiting beliefs and that which you no longer choose to experience in your life.  Believe It and Be It begins after the new moon, when the moon is waxing, to support the energy of creating that which you desire and building your ideal life.

Here's an overview of what we will cover each week:


  • Getting acquainted
  • Understanding the two components
  • Exploring the concept of limiting beliefs and how they hold us back from our ideal life
  • Dis-covering where our beliefs about ourselves came from - 'In order to discover who we are we must first realize who we are not'
  • Clearing limiting beliefs that are identified using the Freedom Release Technique (FRT) which is found only with my work
  • Learn a simple tool to use to release emotions as they surface so that they are not holding you back in life
  • Guided meditation if time allows to release personality patterns that hold you back from your true self


  • Review and check-in
  • Identifying, through various activities, our deeply hidden beliefs that sabotage our efforts to live the life of our dreams
  • Clearing using FRT
  • Teaching a clearing tool for everyone to use
  • **This session involves exploring the shadow self that most people deny.  It takes courage to see in ourselves that which we dislike in others, but the rewards of unearthing and clearing those hidden beliefs can be life changing!


  • Review and check-in
  • Discovering who we are when we are limitless through guided meditation
  • Activity to define who you are as your true self
  • Practice expressing that true self in the world and embracing your highest Light


  • Review and check-in
  • Learning tools to become magnetic to your dreams
  • Learning how to BE in the world through harmonic resonance with your desires
  • Understanding what it means to be the creator of your life
  • Daily Energy Upgrade activity
  • Learning how to live from the heart
  • Closing

Once you register you will be sent the details on how and where to log-in at the scheduled time.  If you have any questions please email [email protected]

Cost is $89 for four sessions.

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