Creating Boundaries & Speaking Your Truth




Do you feel like people walk all over you and have no respect for you?

Do you have trouble honestly saying what you are feeling?

Do you feel insecure and unsure about yourself?

Do you always make the needs of others more important than your own?


Society teaches us that it is selfish to think of ourselves and want things for ourselves when in fact putting ourselves first is the most generous thing we can do!  We can only love another as much as we love ourselves.  Often what we think is offering love to someone is truly us needing their love and we will put our needs aside to get it.  The result is that no one involved is truly happy.


When we nurture ourselves and live in joy, we have so much more to give in return.


In the first nations tradition ‘medicine’ refers to life learning.  Armadillo medicine is all about boundaries. When we have no boundaries, people take advantage of us.  


In this Journey you will learn to be like armadillo, setting your boundaries and putting up your shield when it is appropriate.  


We will explore the reasons why you say ‘yes’ when you would rather say ‘no’ and use the powerful clearing technique that I developed to release the limiting beliefs that keep you from standing in your own power.  You will learn effective tools to start speaking your truth while still honouring yourself and others.


In this Journey you come to understand the power of following your true feelings and honouring yourself.  You will learn that, instead of losing love, you will earn more respect as you change the way you feel about yourself.


If you are tired of being a door mat then it’s time to get up and stand tall knowing that you are worthy of being heard and having the life you desire.


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