Conversations with a Tree – revised

Conversations_with_a_tree_smallWhen I contacted an agent about  a Love Notes book she instead expressed an interest in Conversations with a Tree. Awesome. The trees have so much wisdom to share and more and more people are realizing the benefits of being among the trees so I was excited to revise the book and seek a publisher. What is unfolding in this process is that I am putting me into my story! I am discovering that bringing me into the story is symbolic of bringing me into my life. I lived much of my life disassociated and disconnected from my fellow humans. The gift of that was my strong connection with the Guides since I used to live 'up there' more than 'down here'.  Now I am realizing the transformation that I have gone through in the last few years. The gift of my healing has brought me back here, connecting deeply with my fellow humans and, as part of that, with the trees.

After a conversation with my agent recently I realized that we had a different vision for the book. It caused me to really explore what I want the overall message in this revised book to be. While exploring this with a friend she said to me, "Rashana, you need to be clear about what you want your message to be  for the book." Before she even finished speaking I welled up with tears. The answer was bubbling up from my heart as I spoke, "It's about love. Everything is love. All that we're experiencing is love." My words were so deeply felt, so connected to my truth, that I was crying the whole time I was speaking. The answer was revealed to me with undeniable clarity.

As soon as I spoke those words I became excited about the book again. I can finish writing with purpose and passion as I bring the love from the trees alive. It makes perfect sense that the direction would be love because that is the foundation of the great majority of the messages from the trees. It is the same beautiful, unconditional love that I feel from the Guides. It touches deep into the Soul. I realize that, in the process of this writing, that my journey at this time - my soul purpose - is to bring this love into the world through Conversations with a Tree.

There is so much awakening in these incredible times. We are magnificent Beings of Light remembering who we are. The trees are here waiting for us, guiding us back to our true nature. Come celebrate the awakening. Put your name on the pre-order list and be the first to be notified when the revised Conversations with a Tree is published. Visit to pre-order (with no obligation to buy)

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