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Coaching Council 9 Pkg

As a channel for the Council of Nine, I am able to offer you clear and powerful insight toward your highest purpose and greater life direction.  At the same time, I encourage you to be self-empowed, with gentle support and guidance being offered through my work.  


Often people find that the Council of Nine offer validation of the direction they sensed their life going in and this can be very affirming.  At other times they are coaxing people into their highest purpose and out of the fear-based reality that they have been living in.  


If you are ready to make changes in your life and not knowing just what wants to happen then this package can offer greater insight and continual support as you shift out of what was into the greater potential of life that awaits.  


These are times of great potential and the Council of Nine are constantly encouraging us to start living our true purpose.  This is what we came for!  We are living in the most magnificent times in the history of this planet.  It is an opportunity that is ripe for action.  


If you are ready to be all that you have come to be, I would be honoured to support you in that journey.  Having access to the Council of Nine in a coaching package is an unprecedented opportunity for personal growth and development.  Check out the savings offered in this package and step into the full and joyous life that you have dreamed of living.


This package is offered over four months with weekly 40 minute coaching calls.  Register by choosing a payment option below and I will contact you with session details.  

It is my deepest joy to be doing this work and supporting the evolution of the earth and all of us who walk upon her.  I look forward to sharing that work with you. Once registered I will contact you within a couple of days to begin our journey together. 





PAY ONLY – $1499

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