I first started channeling in the early 1990s and, from the very beginning, the messages would begin with the words written above. At the time I knew nothing about the Great Central Sun. I simply let the messages flow and knew they were coming from a source of Love by the way I felt during the channeling session and through the positive, encouraging and loving words that came through.

In a channeling session I connect with your Higher Self and my Guides to answer any question you may have about your life. Whether it is finances, relationships, life direction, health - the Guides have the higher perspective that will gently encourage in the direction that serves your highest purpose. Experience for yourself the energy of love that comes through channeled messages. You may book a half hour or full hour session. Scroll down to book your session.

Testimonials ~ You did a channeled reading for me back in November 2012. Just going back and listening to it now. What an accurate much insight...although I was self involved, and worrying about the wrong things since this reading and didn't follow all advice, my guides were right about everything, but still never let me hit a complete rock bottom. Anyways thanks for being such a beautiful and loving and honest channel. Whitney Brooks

THIS IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL AND HEART-FELT RESPONSE. My heart is open and my eyes are filled with tears of joy. It is as if within this answer, you have given me an etheric healing and I deeply appreciate it and you. It is also an incredible validation of your gift of the Light speaking to and through your heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Jeanne Allen

For your session, we can work over Skype or you can choose to receive a written message that is offered in response to questions that you email to me. When you order, I will contact you to get confirmation of your preferred session style and to book a time for your session.


Group Clearing


Group Clearing

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