You Get What You Believe

This book could change your life. It certainly has for others. That's why it has all 5 star reviews.

"I purchased the Kindle edition of your book and am about 2/3 of the way through it. It is absolutely wonderful, and just what I've needed!  Since the early part of my journey I have been trying very hard to clear any negative beliefs that no longer serve me, but I had no clear method of how to do so and no one else seemed to know what steps to take to achieve this.  Finally there is a process!  THANK YOU, Rashana."
This book is such a valuable tool that I have also purchased a hard copy for my best friend.  Denise Ryder

One person who recently purchased this book described it as her Bible.  You Get What You Believe holds deep truth that quantum physics is supporting.  There is a hidden saboteur within us that impacts all our efforts to improve ourselves and thus our lives.  Until you know what it is, chances are your dreams will remain out of sight. 

This book stemmed from Rashana's personal journey out of a job that she hated and into her heart's desire, living her soul purpose. Now she shares her understanding with you so that you too can start living the life you've always dreamed of.  Unlike the messages about changing your thoughts to create your reality, Rashana knows that you can't change the thoughts that pop into your mind without looking at the beliefs that underlie those thoughts.  

If your efforts have left you frustrated and confused, relax. We're about to get to the truth of what's been hidden. In fact, you may feel like someone just turned on the lights instead of leaving you fumbling around in the dark! Finally you will be able to see your way through and have clear direction on creating that life you so yearn for. Click to order on Canadians save duty by ordering on


Conversations with a TreeThe great philosopher Herman Hesse once said, “Trees are sanctuaries.  Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth.”

Rashana has found that truth. With an open heart and a willing mind
she has discovered that the trees want to communicate with us. What
they have to share is deep wisdom and pure love.

This book is currently being rewritten to include much more of my story and my fascinating journey. To pre-order the updated version visit:

Conversations with a Tree is a fascinating discovery of the connection between man and nature. It is a connection that is ripe for awakening as we have removed ourselves so deeply from our true nature as animals on this beautiful planet.

Rashana has an ability that we all possess but few have awakened. With that ability she receives wisdom from the trees and now shares them in this profound collection of messages from the trees.

Learn the scientific research that has been hidden away about the ability of plants to communicate with each other and to respond to human emotion. Discover the many reasons why you should get into nature more. Feel the heart-felt messages that offer profound yet simple truth inviting us back to the source of our creation - the earth.

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The Spiritual Seeker's Guide To HappinessOne day while in meditation The Council of Nine came to Rashana asking her to be their scribe.  Their messages are collected in this book.  It is infused with their energies and the very important message of what we must do to start living our fullest expression.

Today we are living in a world that is so stressed and spiritually deprived that few people have a true sense of happiness. It is our lifestyle that has led to this discontent. The messages in this book are channeled through Rashana from The Council of Nine. What they want us to know is the great importance of loving ourselves at this time.

Because we are powerful creators, if we are not loving ourselves we will not create a life that is enjoyable. This book is an invitation back to self love. It offers understanding of our roles as creators and the times we are living in and the most important message that we need to know in order to start creating the life of our dreams.

This is a book that you can read over and over, each time going to a deeper level and receiving more understanding from the words. It is also infused with the energies of The Council of Nine so when you are reading you move into a light meditative state your energy level is lifted to a higher resonance.

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 A Kiss from Heaven - a book for bereaved children

A Kiss from Heaven

A Kiss from Heaven was inspired by a true story and written to help children grieve the loss of a loved one. One day Rashana learned that a former classmate had tragically lost his wife in a car accident, leaving him with two young daughters. A few days later one of his girls was seen looking out the window at the graveyard nestled in beside the little church across the street from where they lived. It was Rashana’s compassion for those girls that brought A Kiss from Heaven to life. and


Shenyati's Gift

Shenyati's Gift

When Shenyati went to Hawaii to visit her grandparents she discovered something very special. She learned what it means to follow your intuition. Teaching your children to trust their innate feelings is a valuable skill that is gently brought to life in this story. and


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