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Current Client Special

Current Client Special $99 for one hour Freedom Release Technique session


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The Healing Power of Sound Workshop

sound-poster-imageThe sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce described sound as the medicine of the future~and the future is now! Learn how sound is the essence of creation and discover for yourself the healing impact of sound in this experiential workshop.
It is time to claim our power as humans and step into our innate healing abilities. Learn how to release negative emotions through sound.
As part of this workshop you will experience a powerful sound circle where we will offer healing to each other and the planet. Jane will channel the Hathors from Egyptian Times and share exciting information about the powers of sound.
Jane is the creator of Rashana Sound Essences and is trained in several healing modalities. She has written six books and is a channel for the Council of Nine and the trees.
Details: This workshop is currently offered in person only. Stay tuned for the online version ~ Contribution $33.00
Limited space so registration is required. (Maximum 12) To register use the link below for PayPal and a confirmation email will be sent to you OR contact Jane at [email protected] or Toni at 778-679-5738.
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Group Freedom Release Technique Clearings

group clearing image

Have you ever noticed when people come together in workshops that they all seem to have some connection? There is a synchronicity that happens in groups that benefits all.

From my years facilitating workshops I have learned that, when groups gather, a central theme evolves and each participant benefits from the clearing requests of the others in the group. What others bring for healing also has some seed within each person in attendance, including myself. This is the beauty of coming together as a group. Others show us what we may not have found on our own. The healing is magnified exponentially as the number of participants grows.

That is why I have created the Group FreedomRT Clearings ~ and it costs much less than a personal session with me.

Here's how it works:

  • You will have your specific concern cleared related to a weekly theme such as Abundance Blocks or Relationship Challenges
  • You will email your concern ahead of time, which I will then clear at the time of the recording.
  • Each session will be a one hour long video recording of the clearings. It will include several clearings from different people who have registered for the clearing session.
  • You will have permanent access to the video that includes your clearing so you can listen many times. I recommend doing this as you will clear deeper each time you listen.

By registering, you receive the benefit of having your energy included in the original recording as well as having your specific concern cleared while I connect to your Higher Self during the session.

NOTE:** Recordings will be sold on my site at a future date for purchase as generic clearings. Therefore I will only use first names when doing the individual clearings of registered participants. Your information will be completely anonymous.

~ To receive notification of the weekly clearing theme, please sign up for the Daily Love Notes. Notification will be included in the Monday Love Note.

It's affordable!

This is a great way to receive the benefit of the Freedom Release Technique clearings without the investment of $199 for a personal one hour session with me. Your investment for this clearing video is only $35 for a one hour recording which includes your personal clearing request.

Register now by clicking the link below and start creating the life you desire.

Once registered, you will receive an email from me confirming your registration and asking for your clearing request. Please make sure your request is related to the weekly theme. That is the power of the group clearings - a variety of requests around one theme so that we can go deep into the work and clear it on many levels.

Click the PayPal button for secure registration. Your link to the video will be emailed to you after the Group FreedomRT Clearing video session is complete.

Register here for this week's Group Freedom Release Technique Clearing:

Group Clearing
Group Clearing


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Love Notes online

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My Daily Love Notes are now uploaded to YouTube 5 days a week. Here's the link to the latest.

Be sure to Subscribe to my Channel for easy access.


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Conversations with a Tree – revised

Conversations_with_a_tree_smallWhen I contacted an agent about  a Love Notes book she instead expressed an interest in Conversations with a Tree. Awesome. The trees have so much wisdom to share and more and more people are realizing the benefits of being among the trees so I was excited to revise the book and seek a publisher. What is unfolding in this process is that I am putting me into my story! I am discovering that bringing me into the story is symbolic of bringing me into my life. I lived much of my life disassociated and disconnected from my fellow humans. The gift of that was my strong connection with the Guides since I used to live 'up there' more than 'down here'.  Now I am realizing the transformation that I have gone through in the last few years. The gift of my healing has brought me back here, connecting deeply with my fellow humans and, as part of that, with the trees.

After a conversation with my agent recently I realized that we had a different vision for the book. It caused me to really explore what I want the overall message in this revised book to be. While exploring this with a friend she said to me, "Rashana, you need to be clear about what you want your message to be  for the book." Before she even finished speaking I welled up with tears. The answer was bubbling up from my heart as I spoke, "It's about love. Everything is love. All that we're experiencing is love." My words were so deeply felt, so connected to my truth, that I was crying the whole time I was speaking. The answer was revealed to me with undeniable clarity.

As soon as I spoke those words I became excited about the book again. I can finish writing with purpose and passion as I bring the love from the trees alive. It makes perfect sense that the direction would be love because that is the foundation of the great majority of the messages from the trees. It is the same beautiful, unconditional love that I feel from the Guides. It touches deep into the Soul. I realize that, in the process of this writing, that my journey at this time - my soul purpose - is to bring this love into the world through Conversations with a Tree.

There is so much awakening in these incredible times. We are magnificent Beings of Light remembering who we are. The trees are here waiting for us, guiding us back to our true nature. Come celebrate the awakening. Put your name on the pre-order list and be the first to be notified when the revised Conversations with a Tree is published. Visit to pre-order (with no obligation to buy)

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Why is FreedomRT so Effective?

LOGO-Freedom-RT3That question can only be answered by knowing the depth of the effects of our beliefs on our every day life experience.  The truth is, every physical and every emotional pain is showing us a limiting subconscious belief. Our bodies are our teachers. The thing is, we have to be willing to learn in order to gain the wisdom that is being revealed to us. Once we understand this, we begin to ask what the emotional or physical pain is trying to show us. Then we are on the road to deep healing. It is from this deep healing that we can turn our lives around into what we wish and hope for.

Until we are willing to see that our life situation is showing us our beliefs, we are helpless to make changes. We may try a new tactic - a new approach - but, ultimately, the outcome is always the same. We may be dating a new person but it is still someone who is unavailable, for example. If we have the belief that we don't deserve committed love, that is what we will attract. Our conscious mind thinks it wants to be in relationship, but the subconscious is saying we don't deserve that love, so we create situations that prove the subconscious belief.

I have seen the effects of this dramatically in my own life, once I started doing clearing work. It's amazing because the very next day after a clearing I would see the thing that I used to push away, drop out of the sky and show up in my life. My favourite example is the belief of not being supported in the world. Once I cleared that one, people just started asking how they could help me. And that started happening the very day after doing the clearing! Another belief was that I am different than everyone else. I used to believe that the result of being different meant I was rejected because people didn't understand me. The truth is I do think quite differently than most people but I was still able to do clearing around it. In my clearing I set it up so that being different didn't mean being rejected. I cleared and restored the belief so that I was accepted despite my differences. After that clearing I felt like my mother fully accepted me for the first time in my life. The truth is, she was just showing my belief. Here's what you need to really understand. Every life situation has to show us our beliefs. In other words, my mother had to show me not fully accepting me because my belief was that I am rejected for being different.

I know it can be hard to fully comprehend the depth of this until you have experienced it. It took me years to understand the whole mirroring concept. It is so worth the journey because my life has transformed because of it. I am at peace in my mind. Very, very seldom do I run yesterday's conversation through my mind or wonder what people thought of me. I actually welcome challenges because they show me another limiting subconscious belief that I can clear and be even more content.

So, to relate this to the Freedom Release Technique, its effectiveness is in its ability to not only clear your limiting beliefs, but a FreedomRT Practitioner can find the core of that belief and then clear it. It's like going to the very source so that you are not just peeling the outside layers of the onion. You're digging deep into the core. Then the belief is replaced with something beneficial. This creates a new vision for your life and opens up new possibilities. Just like my personal examples, life shows up differently when what we believe is different. FreedomRT changes the limiting beliefs into empowered beliefs and the results are deeply transforming.

If you would like a FreedomRT session with myself or any of the trained Practitioners, visit or my FreedomRT page on this site.  To learn more about the impact of limiting beliefs on our lives, you can also read You Get What You Believe, which can be purchased through this site or on Amazon. It has been described as life transforming.

More than ever before, we are creating with our beliefs. The more you know and understand the impact of your beliefs, the more beautiful your life will become.

Wishing you the greatest joy and happiness,


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Learn to Channel Webinar

Learn to Channel imageThis interactive two-week Webinar will be held on March 16 and 23, 2016, from 3:00 - 5:00 pm Mountain Standard Time.  We will gather on Skype therefore space is limited.

We will explore what your intuitive style is to help you recognize your abilities. We will clear any fears that each person holds related to their abilities to channel using the Freedom Release Technique. And we will use guided meditation and other activities for you to connect to the Higher Beings of Light.

Rashana will channel for the group, offering a Higher perspective to the outcome that meets the needs of the participants. A follow-up webinar may be offered, depending on interest.

Please register below or contact [email protected] Fee is $80. Bring a friend and pay $145 (please provide both names at time of purchase).


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Single registration button at left. Friend registration below.

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Your Empowered Self – 2 week webinar

Your Empowered Self imageFor most of our lives we have been trained away from being the powerful beings that we truly are. As children, in the process of socializing us to fit into our world, we are taught to meet the needs of others and conform. Then we move into the school system where we must again conform to the strictly narrow education program instead of being free thinkers or active, vibrant children. We then move into the work place where we must meet the needs of our employer, work with people who may not resonate with who we are and, most often, keep our creative ideas to ourselves.

This conditioning becomes so strong that we walk through life like zombies in a sense, often feeling the urge for change but not believing we are empowered enough to turn our lives around. We allow the limiting thinking that has been programmed into our brain to convince us that there's no sense wishing for more - this is the way it has to be - there's no other way. We become numb to the apparent reality of our lives and give up.

This webinar is an opportunity to wake up to your potential for change. There is another way. You, as a human being, are a powerful creator. You have an amazing mind and natural abilities that most likely have never been recognized. The problem is that, most likely, no one has ever given you the vision of what life could be in all its splendor. Has anyone ever sat you down and invited you to create the life of your dreams? Have you ever connected in with your soul to see the highest vision of what it came here for? For most people the answer will be no. And that vision is required so we know what to strive toward. That vision also helps us recognize what is possible instead of being lost in what is.

This webinar is designed to lead you to that vision that your soul carries for you. It is time for us to awaken to all that we are and live the best life that we can create. It is time to awaken our latent potential and live happy, creative, fulfilling lives. It's time to get off the tread mill of the mundane and step into the excitement of knowing without a doubt that you are living your life purpose.

I have created this in my life and through my own journey of many years of healing and clearing I am recognizing the need for empowerment as individuals so we have the drive and the vision to not only go for our dreams but to do so without limitation in the creation of our dreams. This webinar is designed to help us all get there.  

What you will receive from this webinar:

    • We will explore where the limitations come from so we can recognize them and make conscious choices to respond differently when they arise again.
    • We will clear the limitations you find within yourself so that you are much freer in your journey forward.
    • We will go into your own internal guidance to discover what your soul envisions for you living your greatest potential.
    • We will learn valuable tools to empower the vision - override the limiting mind - and create permanent thoughts of success.

We will learn about life's most powerful trickster that tries to hold us back and how to outwit it.

Come share the experience of your expansion and discover what it feels like to be fully empowered, holding a strong vision of your future and go for it free of any restriction.

This webinar includes powerful Freedom Release Technique clearings which cost more than twice as much as this webinar.

Two webinar times are provided to accommodate different time zones. Choose between 3:00 - 5:00 pm MST, Canada or 6:00 - 8:00 MST, Canada. Once you register I will contact you for your preferred time zone.

Your investment is $80.00 for two sessions of two hours each. Dates are Feb. 17th and 24th, 2016.

This webinar is in Canadian funds. Register now to claim your seat.



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Beauty from the Inside Out 4 Week Webinar

open-arms Are you ready to replace all your self-criticism with self-love?

Are you ready to step out of fear and into the expectation that the world is working for you instead of against you?

Beauty from the Inside Out is a self-exploration deep into our core wounds so that we can finally let go of the faulty self-concepts of who we are and move into self-love.

You are perfect just the way you are. When you truly believe that your life will change.

Join me for this four week journey of discovery. We will:

  • look at where your limiting self-concepts arose from
  • dis-cover who you are in your in your greatest potential
  • find and remove shadow beliefs that hold you back
  • awaken your fullest potential and self-acceptance

This webinar is 4 weeks, beginning on Tuesday, January 19th and offered at two different times to allow people from different time zones to join. The first will be from 3:00 to 5:00 MST and the second from 7:00 to 9:00 MST. Only 9 spaces available in each time zone. To reserve your space register below and I will contact you to confirm your seat and time preferences.

2016 is a 9 year. That means it is time to let go of the past in preparation for the new beginnings in 2017. This is the perfect time to look deep within and release what is no longer serving you. Each webinar will be tailored to meet the needs of the participants to ensure that you get the very most out of it. I look forward to supporting your journey into wholeness.

Your investment for this life transformation is $125. US and international orders use left button. Canadian registrants email [email protected] for currency exchange. 

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