Beauty from the Inside Out

open-armsAre you ready to burst through society's narrow paradigm of beauty and start loving yourself just the way you are? What makes you beautiful is not so much about how you look - it's about how you feel!

If you find yourself constantly criticizing something about your appearance this Package is for you. Maybe you feel like your hips are too big or your nose is too long or you are too old to attract what you desire.  Maybe you dream of the perfect relationship but feel like you're not pretty enough, or smart enough or young enough to believe that your dream will come true. All of that can change. It's time to embrace your inner beauty and become irresistible!

Society sets a standard of beauty that is not only narrowly focused but impossible for most people to achieve. So why do we buy into it? When you think about no two faces being the same how much sense does it make to believe that we need to look like someone else? Isn't it time to start loving what makes us unique instead of the pain and suffering that comes from trying to meet someone else's version of beauty?

It is only by loving yourself just the way you are that the painful self-criticism will stop. What makes Beauty from the Inside Out, and all my work, so unique is that it is designed to get to the core beliefs that keep you spinning in self-criticism.  People go through drastic measures to change their appearance based on a false concept of beauty.  Sadly, the problem wasn't with the size of their stomach or the width of their nose - it was with their beliefs about themselves and surgery doesn't address that!

Beauty from the Inside Out will pull you off the hamster wheel of self-criticism into the heart of self love. This Package is designed to support you in moving from self-judgement about your appearance to loving yourself so deeply that you become radiant just the way you are.  And the bonus is that once you start loving and accepting yourself just as you are, you make different choices in your life.  You may begin to lose weight without even trying or choose more loving relationships based on self love instead of self loathing.

My vision is to change society's whole concept of beauty and it starts with me and you.  When you feel good about how you look others will actually find you more attractive! As a matter of fact you could become irresistible without changing one thing about your outer appearance! And that is the key! The clue is in the title  - Beauty from the Inside Out. 

This Package will literally help you release:

  • fear of rejection because of your looks
  • feeling like you're not good enough
  • childhood thought patterns that are holding you back
  • negative self-talk that promotes suffering and much more

I offer something in my material that you will not find anywhere else.  As the creator of The Freedom Release Technique, this package includes two Freedom Release clearing videos to release several limiting beliefs that many people have about their appearance and their worthiness as a person. When you clear these subconscious beliefs you feel better about yourself.  And the better you feel about yourself, the more beautiful you become. The key is being radiant from the inside out.

This Package includes information to help you:

  • overcome limiting beliefs about your appearance
  • identify and clear where those beliefs came from so you can continue to shift into self love
  • gain confidence in who you are and what you have to offer the world
  • bring clarity in what you deserve and how to attain it
  • set clear boundaries so that you are only attracting loving experiences into your life

If you are ready to radiate your inner beauty in every moment it would be my deepest honour to support you in that journey.

The Beauty from the Inside Out Package includes:

  • two half hour Freedom Release Technique clearing videos to shift you out of your limiting beliefs into self love
  • several activities of self-discovery related to your beliefs that Rashana developed after many years of personal mirror work
  • easy to use tools to clear what you discover
  • guided visualization to help you see your inner beauty and reprogram the subconscious mind
  • your Beauty from the Inside Out Manual packed with information and activities in PDF and audio, 2 FreedomRT clearing videos that you can use over and over, a guided visualization audio to support your journey out of self-judgement and into self worth and radiance

This package is priced affordably so you can begin transforming from self-criticism to self love. One of the clearings alone is worth more than the entire package is selling for. Buy now and dis-cover the beauty within.

Beauty from the Inside Out Package


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