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As a healing practitioner who has created her own release technique, you may be surprised at what I am about say. I love Access Consciousness! It is a powerful tool to release stored, unhealthy and limiting emotions!

Access Consciousness

What Is Access Consciousness And How Does It Work?

Access Consciousness was founded by Gary Douglas and is promoted by Douglas' good friend and Access practitioner, Dr. Dain Heer. Access Consciousness uses a clearing statement to release your emotions. It also makes use of questions to help release and identify certain feelings. Once a feeling or emotion has been identified the process is to ask if you will "… uncreate and destroy it now?" If you answer yes, then the Access Consciousness clearing statement is used to release it.

The clearing statement is an abbreviation of the original version of this release technique and, taken literally, makes no sense at all. But, do not doubt its power. Before developing my own technique, I used Access with great success. This came after a year of intense releasing for myself so I was used to releasing work. I think it is part of why I had such success as a self-taught user of Access.

Whenever I needed to release something that was surfacing I would clear it and would feel it leaving my body. It also worked with friends. I might clear two or three times and then I could feel the releasing happening through me. I would sigh and feel lighter.

Dain Heer has been very generous with videos on YouTube that give you a good sense of how Access works. By listening to the videos you can start your healing process. However, for a beginner, the process of getting the best wording for the clearing statement can be a bit complicated.

Using Questions To Help Release Anything Unwanted

Access ConsciousnessAs I mentioned, Access also uses questions to help release. Simple questions such as, "Who does this belong to?" or "How does it get any better than this?" can lead the user to release what is not theirs to be concerned about and stop picking up on the mostly negative mass consciousness thought patterns.

For people who are sensitive, this can be a big release in itself. Sensitives often pick up on the overall thought patterns from other people and think it is their own thoughts. By asking, "Who does this belong to?", if it is not your original thought you will feel lighter. This is a great and simple tool to help you feel better as you go about your day.

Access Consciousness recognizes that the mind likes to answer questions. If it thinks the question is already answered, it will stop searching for solutions. One great question that is asked by Dr. Dain is, "How does it get any better than this?"

By asking a question such as that, you are leaving space for things to get better. The way most people would word that would be, "It doesn't get any better than this." By making that statement you are shutting down the possibility for improvement. By asking the how question, the mind goes into gear looking for the answer of how it will get better.

Tools For Success

This is just one simple and effective tool used in Access Consciousness. When watching other videos posted by Dain Heer you will find many more clearing opportunities. It is surprising how effective they can be and how much they will relate to your own life.

If you are a natural healer or inclined to that kind of work, chances are you will have success using Access Consciousness with a little training. Of course, there is the option to learn from Gary Douglas and Dain Heer and others who are completing the training. It is a great tool to help you move forward in life by releasing feelings and beliefs that do not serve your highest good and allow you to find joy and success in life.

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A Release Technique That Goes Even Deeper?

If I were to compare Access to my own release technique, called The Freedom Release Technique, or FRT, I would say that Access is very good at releasing the feeling that is presenting in the moment and FRT is good at going to the core belief to release the cause of the feeling. When you go to the initial event that caused you to develop the belief that the feeling stems from, then you are releasing at a deeper level.

Another difference is that Access can be learned easily and practiced yourself whereas The Freedom Release Technique requires a practitioner who is very skilled intuitively. As a Certified Hypnotherapist and channeler I am able to connect with the information that is in your subconscious and work from that level. That is why people have such deep releases with FRT.

It is important to understand the effects that your limiting beliefs have on your life. In your childhood you would have developed coping skills that become subconscious responses to the world. Without awareness, most people respond to every situation based on past experiences.

The more you repeat a particular response, the more it becomes an embedded belief. This all happens without conscious awareness - and that is the problem. You may be rejecting people because you believe you are not lovable and the same time wondering why you don't have an intimate partner in your life. That is the great irony of these hidden beliefs.

Once you start clearing these core beliefs it is like you start living a whole new life, depending on the impact of the particular belief. It is surprising that a belief about being supported in life, once released, will start bringing in more abundance. Everything is connected so the more you clear the better life continues to become.

I invite you to explore any of the release techniques that I discuss on my website. The more you dig in and shed light on your true feelings and emotions, the more peace of mind you will find. Your worries will stop, your health will improve, your outlook on life will become more positive and things will change for the better.

Since I began the journey of releasing I have seen changes that seemed miraculous. It becomes more and more joyful as you begin to see how it all really works. The world really is a reflection of what we believe. If you don't like what you see in your life don't give up. The tools are there to help you. Find a clearing technique that works for you and watch your dreams come true.

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