About Self-love

Though there are people all over the world reading this message.I think it is safe to say that we have been raised in a society that does not always strive to support us in loving ourselves.  There is much criticism and judgement as the 'tribe' trains us to fit in.  In the process, what is unique and lovable about ourselves often gets lost.

The greatest gift we can give to another is to fully love ourselves.  This goes against conventional wisdom.  Many teach that we must be generous and put others above ourselves.  Generosity is a beautiful quality.  The problem lies in giving from an empty pot.  We cannot love another more than we are loving ourselves.  We may be going through acts that we believe are loving but, in truth, are very often us wanting something from the other person to make us feel better.


The more we learn to forgive ourselves for all we believe we have done that is wrong and learn to accept ourselves just as we are, the more accepting we are of others.  Then we are loving them just as they are - unconditional love - as opposed to expecting them to fit into our concept of who they should be - conditional love.


The Council of Nine, in the book The Spiritual Seeker's Guide to Happiness, encourage us to forget about the word selfish and instead be striving in every moment to be self-full - accepting and knowing that whatever we desire, we deserve to have.


The more we fill ourselves up and are living in contentment and joy the more joy we are able to offer to the world.  From this place of self love we are truly giving.  We are giving from a filled heart that wants only the same for others.


It is my goal in my work to support others, as they support me by being my mirror, in moving back to that state of loving the self that we all deserve to be living in.  These are the times that allow that change to come easily and living in grace is the greatest gift that we can offer.


Much love to all.  May your life be full of blessings and a deeper awareness of the great gift that you are to this world.



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