Welcome to all who are ready to transform into the beautiful opportunities that await us in these ever-changing times.I know that Divine grace has brought you here and I'm delighted to share my offerings with you.

As the creator of the Freedom Release Technique (FreedomRT) I am deeply honoured to be supporting people around the globe in releasing deep-held fears and beliefs that have been holding them back from the life of their dreams.

On this site you will discover free guided meditations, channeled books, and of course, the various personal sessions that I offer.

Perhaps my greatest joy at this moment is my book Conversations with a Tree.  There is so much that is possible in the world that we are just beginning to understand.  If you would like to be notified when the book becomes available please visit www.conversationswithatree.com and share the page with your nature loving friends.

Have fun exploring.  If you would like to work with me personally, you can order your session through the appropriate page.  There are testimonials about my work on the various pages.

By signing up for the Daily Love Notes you will also receive weekly notice of upcoming online workshops and programs that I offer.

~ May love be the source of your wisdom

        and joy be the path of your heart ~



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  1. Gaurav Singh

    I have Rashna, this is Gaurav from India

    • Rashana

      Hi Gaurav, Did I ever respond to this? Not so good at keeping up with my website comments. Hope all is well and all the best in building your dreams. You have a special Light :”)

  2. K. Alnaabi

    THanks for your vedeo , it is reaaly useful .
    Where can I get your vedoe download?

    K. Alnaabi

    • Rashana

      Are you looking for the Freedom Release 15 minute video?

  3. Janet

    Thank you so very much your guided meditations came to me in a time of great need. Thank you for your work and kindness. Thank you God for bringing this work to me.

  4. Adrian O'Neill

    Dear Rashana,
    I would like to work with you on one of your workshops. Please advise how?
    Namaste. Adrian O’Neill. E-m: [email protected]

    • Rashana

      Hello Adrian, Please email me at [email protected] to inquire about upcoming workshops.

      All the best, Rashana

  5. Hi Rashana – I love your daily ‘love notes’ and would also be very interested in being made aware of all your upcoming workshops – thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work with us all – Barbara (from Ireland)

    • Rashana

      Thank you Barbara. It means so much to me to know the Love Notes are being appreciated all the way to beautiful Ireland.

  6. Dear Rashana: Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the New Era. You are indeed loved.
    Mark Avraham

    • Rashana

      Thanks Mark, nice to see you pop up here. Hope all is well.

  7. John

    How do I contact them or get them to contact me

    • Rashana

      Hello John,
      You may contact me at [email protected].

      Thank you for your interest.


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