Attracting Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance – Guided Meditation and Clearing of Subconscious Beliefs

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This Powerful Guided Meditation and Freedom Release Technique Video Will Help You to Attract Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance

Attracting wealth and prosperity into your life is a matter of two things.  First it is allowing yourself to envision that it is possible by seeing it clearly in your mind’s eye.  Secondly, and even more important than envisioning, is the awareness of the subconscious beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your dreams.  I can say with great certainty that if you are living in lack then you have limiting, subconscious beliefs that are keeping you from creating or accepting the abundance you desire and deserve.

In this video I begin with a free guided meditation that leads you to see yourself living in prosperity and joy.  Abundance is more than money.  It is healthy relationships, enough leisure time, and living according to what you value in all aspects of your life.  Combined with prosperity, it leads to a joyous life.  By envisioning yourself living this way and feeling the emotions connected with that you are starting the process of creating the life of your dreams.

The second portion of this video is where the real work of creating wealth and abundance happens.  I know from my own journey of healing and growth that the key to turning your life from one of lack and suffering into one of prosperity and joy is finding and releasing the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.  This awareness is one of the most important discoveries you may ever learn about how to start living the life you desire.  Because your limiting beliefs are unconscious, you are not even aware that they are there sabotaging every effort you make to turn your life around.

Your Subconscious Beliefs May Push Away the Abundance You Deserve

Here is your opportunity to change those limitations and start living a life of prosperity.  I created a method of discovering and releasing limiting beliefs that I call The Freedom Release Technique.  After spending a full year dedicated to my own journey of healing and releasing I know what it takes to start pulling out those beliefs.  This clearing technique, FRT for short, is a powerful method of going to the source of those beliefs and erasing them from your subconscious.

The result is that you begin to see your life change for the better.  For example, let’s assume you have a subconscious belief that you don’t deserve to be rich because as a child your parents didn’t have a lot of money and, to make their lives easier, they taught you not to expect things that cost money.  Until you are aware that you are responding to the world from that belief and then clear it from your subconscious, you simply will not bring abundance into your life because you don’t feel you deserve it.

Clearing Your Subconscious Beliefs Often Works Like Magic

Once that belief is cleared things can change as if by magic because we attract life experiences based on our beliefs.  When you believe that you deserve to have money then you respond to the world as someone who expects to get money and therefore you do.

This may sound simple or unbelievable but I assure you it is the missing key to this process of creating abundance.  Even people who were featured in the movie The Secret are admitting that this is the missing link to success.

The limiting beliefs that I clear in this video are:

  • The belief that you don’t deserve to have money
  • Being jealous of people who have money and therefore making money insignificant to cover up your feelings of lack
  • The fear that others may not like you if you are rich (you will be ‘better than’ them and so they will reject you)
  • Any vows of poverty from past lives

To give another example of how our beliefs limit us, my mother once told me that she has given up saving money because every time she gets a few extra dollars in her bank account something happens to see it disappear.  Her car breaks down, or the washer needs repair …. Something happens to make her use her savings.  This is because she has an underlying subconscious belief around having extra money.  The power of the mind is incredible and not knowing how it works keeps us from having the prosperity we desire.

By doing clearings on specific topics I can offer them to you for a minimal fee as opposed to the cost of a personal session with me.  This way I can help so many more people find their way out of lack and into abundance.  It brings me great joy to be doing this work and sharing my discoveries of how to create the life we dream of.

Make your dreams come true.  It won’t happen if nothing changes.  In order to create a new life you have to allow yourself to become the new you – the you that believes that you deserve everything that your heart desires.  The time to begin is now.  May joy and prosperity be yours.

Attracting Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance - Powerful Guided Meditation plus Freedom Release Technique Clearing Session

You will receive the full recording which includes the guided meditation plus the clearings performed by me afterwards. You will be able to download both the MP4 recording (video) and the MP3 version (audio).

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Attracting Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance - Freedom Release Technique Clearing Session Only

You will receive the recording of the last part of the video which only includes the clearings performed by me after the meditation. You will be able to download both the MP4 recording (video) and the MP3 version (audio).

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One Time Payment!

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