Anger Management Meditation – How To Release Anger

Enjoy this free Guided Meditation as often as you wish. The more times you watch it the more you will feel more at peace. Below the video you can purchase the downloadable version of the meditation (MP4 and MP3) and continue to enjoy it at your leisure.

By purchasing the video you are supporting this work and contributing to the vast awakening that has so many people seeking a life full of love and peace at this time. Other more powerful options that allow you to heal your anger are available at the bottom of this page.

Guided meditation is a powerful way to begin attracting what you desire into your life. In this video I guide you in a visualization to give you a higher perspective about your anger. I believe that all emotions come from subconscious beliefs that will keep people stuck, repeating the same patterns over and over.

It happens to all of us but it can be changed. The Freedom Release Technique is a powerful clearing tool that will clear your limiting beliefs and help you move through your anger and back into love. Scroll down to purchase the full video or only the clearings and start ‘clearing’ the way for more joy in your life!

Your Subconscious Beliefs are Powerful Hidden Saboteurs

Anger ManagementHave you ever watched yourself blurt out something really hurtful and then realized the person you hurt the most was yourself? Not many people have had this experience but I have. It was like stepping into another dimension.

I said something nasty about someone else and felt like I had been stabbed in the heart. In that moment I knew on a very deep level that we are all connected and anger toward another is truly anger toward the self. Like most emotions, anger stems from hidden subconscious beliefs. As long as you believe that someone else is the cause of your anger you will not find the way to release it. Your subconscious beliefs are sly indeed and the reason is that most people are not aware that they exist!

If you knew that you were carrying around some secret beliefs that got in the way of being happy and at peace I’m sure you would do something about it. It is not knowing that these beliefs even exist that is that keeps you from changing them.

This Powerful Guided Meditation and Freedom Release Technique Video Will Help You to Change Your Angry Thoughts

In this Anger Management video I help you clear these problems so that you can confidently move forward in your search for a peaceful existence. The video starts with a guided meditation where I lead you out of your mind and into nature where you rise above your anger so that you can get a new perspective on it.

The benefit of this meditation is that, when you are imagining things the brain does not know whether it is reality or imagination. I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and I know this to be true. By allowing yourself to get lost in the meditation, your body and your mind get the feeling that peace is already yours. The more you do this, the more you will feel it and begin to release anger from your life.

How to Release Anger

The second part of the video is where I use The Freedom Release Technique (FRT) to clear and release powerful subconscious beliefs that limit so many people from releasing anger and feeling better about their lives. By clearing these beliefs out of your subconscious, you then begin to see things change in your life.

Sometimes the shift feels almost magical. Without the limiting fears you change as a person. Sometimes it’s a little change, sometimes it’s a big change. It depends on how much you will allow yourself to become someone new. When you clear the beliefs that underlie your anger you will find that you are showing up differently in the world.

Every fear that we carry is like mortar covering the heart. The more the fears we release the more our heart light glows for all to see and feel. We attract people to us because we are not hiding (unconsciously) behind our fears and angry thoughts any more.

Clearing Your Subconscious Beliefs Often Works Like Magic

The Freedom Release Technique is powerful work. People tell me they feel lighter and that the clearing continues to work weeks after the session. If you are serious about managing anger and finding peace in your life, this video will start you in that journey with a powerful clearing.

We are social beings and life is more joyful when we relate to others from a place of peace. I wish for you nothing less than kind, nurturing, supportive, gentle and caring love! That is why I offer these videos and clearings. I envision a world full of love and I know that the way to get there is by healing or releasing the limiting beliefs that have kept love away.

Anger Mangement – Powerful Guided Meditation plus Freedom Release Technique Clearing Session

You will receive the full recording which includes the guided meditation plus the clearings performed by me afterwards. You will be able to download both the MP4 recording (video) and the MP3 version (audio).

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Anger Management – Freedom Release Technique Clearing Session Only

You will receive the recording of the last part of the video which only includes the clearings performed by me after the meditation. You will be able to download both the MP4 recording (video) and the MP3 version (audio).

Introductory Price Only $5.55

One Time Payment!

You will get to the Download Page immediately after the payment is completed.

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Order 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

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